40th anniversary of Crafts Gallery

In 2017, Crafts Gallery celebrates the 40th anniversary. The former headquarters building of the Imperial Guards, now Crafts Gallery which is registered as an Important Cultural Property today, opened on November 15th, 1977. It is an annex of The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo and the first exhibition space specialized in Kōgei (craft) within the national museums in Japan. Since its opening, there have been more than 100 special exhibitions held at the gallery, forming a unique museum collection with a variety of artworks from the fields of modern-contemporary craft and design. In this year, we would like to welcome you all with 4 exhibitions. You will comprehend the attractiveness of Crafts Gallery once again through various activities such as the showcase of “Twelve Hawks” a metal work presented at the 1893 Chicago international exposition and the exhibition of ceramics by TSUJI Seimei, as well as various events and campaigns that liven up the 40th anniversary.

Anniversary Day!  November 15, 2017
Free for all visitors to Crafts Gallery and MOMAT collection at the main building of The National Museum of Modern Art, including a show at Gallery 4.


The 40th Anniversary Postcard & Stamp Collecting
The 40th anniversary postcard with the information of the exhibition schedule for 2017 will be distributed in Crafts Gallery and other places. On the back side of the card, there are areas where you can collect stamps to commemorate your visit to the gallery.


Happy Photo Message

There will be a photo spot in front of the Crafts Gallery building during the museum collection exhibition, “Furnishings-Forms to be HAPPY” (2017.7.4-9.3).
Let’s take a photo and share your HAPPY with your loved ones. Special stickers will be presented to the first 888 participants.


Crafts Gallery original products
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Looking back the 40 year history of Crafts Gallery with exhibition flyers
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Artist Talk (The 40th special edition)
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“Twelve Hawks” The first viewing after restoration
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