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  • September 15 - November 23, 2017

The Crafts Gallery 40th Anniversary Exhibition
Ceramic Artist TSUJI Seimei: The Beauty of Akaru Sabi


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Tsuji Seimei (1927–2008) was a ceramic artist who, after building his noborigama (climbing kiln) in Tama district of Tokyo in 1955, worked primarily on yakishime ware (high-fired, unglazed stoneware) using clay from Shigaraki town, Shiga Prefecture. With his sense polished through his collection of antiques and exchanges with artists, the ceramic artist built a unique world called Akaru Sabi peculiar to Shigaraki ware. In celebration of the Crafts Gallery 40th anniversary and for 10th commemoration of Tsuji’s death, this exhibition presents Tsuji’s masterpieces including vessels and objects, works from his private collection such as classic Shigaraki ware and earthenware from ancient Peru, and works produced by Western-style painter Yamaguchi Takeo, American ceramic sculptor Peter Voulkos and other artists at Tsuji’s studio to look back on the creative career of the ceramic artist.

Shigaraki Large Lidded Object, named Tenshin (1970, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)

Shigaraki Tea Bowl with Natural Ash Glaze (1992, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)

Shigaraki Arhat Flower Vase (1988, Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum)

Juraku Tea Bowl with Poured White Slip (1990, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)

Shigaraki Goat Rhyton (1988, Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum)

Glass Turnip-Shaped Bowl (1991, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)

photo: FUJIMORI Takeshi


Gallery Talk

Date:  September 17, October 8, October29, 2017
Time: 14:00-15:00

Free Program ( But Museum admission required. ) *Offered in Japanese only


Touch & Talk: Guided by Volunteer Staff Members

14:00-15:00 on Wednesdays and Saturdays during exhibition periods.

Free Program ( But Museum admission required. ) *Offered in Japanese only

English guide is available upon request.


Looking at craft pieces, you may wonder what they are made of, or how they are made. You may also want to touch them. To meet such requests, Touch & Talk programs are given at the Crafts Gallery by volunteer docent. Since pieces and topics in focus vary each time offered, you can enjoy participation any number of times. We look forward to your joining us.

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