Proceedings of Open WS of JAL2014:Contents

JAL Project 2014

JAL Project 2014 Project for inviting, giving training to, and exchanging with, Japanese-art librarians from outside Japan
Proceedings of Open Workshop of JAL2014“Recommendations for More Effective Dissemination of Information on Japanese-Art-related Materials”
Program of JAL2014 Open Workshop on 2014.12.11  
Profiles of JAL2014 Invitees  
Kamogawa Sachio Foreward
Mizutani Takeshi Keynote Report: Open Workshop Toward for
“Review and rethinking of Japan’s art-information infrastructure from an international perspective”
―Presentations of 7 Invitees at Open Workshop―
Hasegawa-Sockeel Masako Vĕra Linhartová: her works and library collection 15 
Iwase Kanako Japanese Art Visual Resources: Suggestions for Maximizing the Outreach Efforts 21 
Kawai‘ae‘a Fujita Sachiyo A view from an American museum librarian Collection Development vs Open Access: What is your vision for the future? 28 
Yoshimura Reiko Japanese Art Scholarship and Libraries in North America: Current Status and Problems 42 
Adachi Ann Archive, Preservation, and Distribution for Japanese Experimental Film and Video Art Works Made in 1960-1970s
: Issues and Strategies Within Japan
Hirano Akira Japanese Art Libraries in the United Kingdom 55 
Ichikawa Yoshinori “Recommendations” from the view of a researcher 62 
―2 Commentaries―
Hayashi Rie Why do we share information? 69 
Koide Izumi Widening Access and Strengthening Communication Networks Starts with Understanding the Needs of International Users 72 
JAL2014 Call for Application   86 
JAL2014 WS questionnaires   93 
JAL2014 Diaries   95