Proceedings of Open WS of JAL2015:Contents

JAL Project 2015

JAL Project 2015 Project for inviting, giving training to, and exchanging with, Japanese-art librarians from outside Japan
Proceedings of Open Workshop of JAL2015“Recommendations for More Effective Dissemination of Information on Japanese-Art-related Materials Ⅱ”
Introduction   121
Program of JAL2015 Open Workshop on 2015.11.27   7
Kamogawa Sachio Foreward 125
Mizutani Takeshi Keynote Report and Debriefing Meeting of JAL 2015 128
List of JAL2015 Invitees and Members of JAL 2015 Executive Committee, etc.    15
―  9 Invitees talk on themselves  ―
Jana Ryndová The National Gallery in Prague, Czech Republic 136
Jiyeon Wood SOAS the University of London, UK 138
Vibeke Oseth Gustavsen University of Oslo Library, Norway 142
Mary Redfern The Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, Ireland 145
Kevin Trent McDowell University of Oregon, USA 148
Carolyn Jane Wargula University of Pittsburgh, USA 150
Cordula Treimer Museum für Asiatische Kunst / Kunstbibliothek
Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Germany
Moon Junglee Center for Art Studies, Seoul, Korea 157
Lee Se-Young National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art,
Digital Library & Archive, Seoul, Korea
―  Special Invitation Lecture  ―
Kuniko Yamada McVey Chair, NCC: North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library
Librarian for the Japanese Collection, Harvard-Yenching Library, Cambridge, MA, USA
“Current Status of and Challenges faced by Libraries for Japanese Study in North America: Approach to Audiovisual Materials”
―  “Recommendations for More Effective Dissemination of Information on Japanese-Art-related Materials II”  ― 3 Group Presentations   
1st Group:
Jana Ryndová, Vibeke Oseth Gustavsen, and Lee Se-Young
Issues and prospects for art material research systems in Japan 173
2nd Group:
Jiyeon Wood, Mary Redfern, and Kevin Trent McDowelll
From preservation to productivity: databases, access and collaboration in Japanese art libraries 177
3rd Group:
Carolyn Jane Wargula, Cordula Treimer, and Moon Junglee
Towards a global realization of Japanese art data 183
―  Commentaries  ―
Koide Izumi Away and Home 187
New Schemes to respond to the ‘Recommendations’ by JAL 2015 Invitees       194
JAL2015 Call for Application   212
JAL2015 WS questionnaires   220
JAL2015 Diaries   222