Leaning materials

“MOMAT Collection Self-Guide petit” and “FIND & BINGO!” are the learning materials for approximately four to eight years-old children to enjoy the museum with adults.

These cards are created for the purpose of enjoying museum visit and getting familiar with artworks of the MOMAT collection through communication between children and adults.
By reading the guides together and looking for the artworks corresponding to the Bingo card, ask children about how they feel and what they like about them.

A pamphlet with a painting and a punch-out bingo card are placed together.
Free learning materials are distributed for children at the Information Counter.

MOMAT Collection Self-Guide Petit

The front sides of worksheet with two artworks on right and left sides and hints to explore art. On the right bottom, it has the floor of artwork on display.
The back sides of worksheet with two artworks on right and left sides and background information for the artworks.

A pair of two cards introducing artworks from the MOMAT collection.
Each card has a family friendly activity to explore the artworks.
The different cards with different artworks will be distributed with the exhibition changes.


Look around and seek the objects on your bingo card. Enjoy finding various objects in the museum such as colors and shapes depicted in the artworks, or chairs and people you can see in the gallery.

You would receive one of five bingo cards with different objects.

A punch-out bingo card with several objects you can find in the museum.


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