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Special Exhibition Gallery

Ohtake Shinro

Ohtake Shinro, Retina (Wire Horizon, Tangier), 1990-93, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

November 1, 2022–February 5, 2023
*Closed on: Mondays except January 2 and 9; December 28–January1, and January 10

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Having started his career in the early 1980s, Ohtake Shinro (b. 1955) still continues to be a lead runner with an exceptional creative urge, using every way of artistic expression including painting, printing, drawing, sculpture, installation, design, video, picture books, music, and writing. Ranging from contemporary art to collaborations with artists in different fields, the scope of his activities seems to have no limit. In recent years, he has been featured as one of Japan’s leading artists in international exhibitions including the 2012 dOCUMENTA, the 2013 Venice Biennale, and the 2018 Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art.
The long-awaited first major solo show after the 2006 Zen-Kei: Retrospective 1955–2006 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, this exhibition evolves around his strikingly individual scrapbooks that symbolize the whole of his works and activities to trace his career. This retrospective will travel to the Museum of Art, Ehime (May 3ーJuly 2, 2023) and Toyama Prefectured Museum of Art and Design (August 5ーSeptember 18, 2023 [TBC]).


Secrets of Important Cultural Properties:
An Exhibition Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

Yorozu Tetsugoro, Nude Beauty, 1912, Important Cultural Property, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

March 17–May 14, 2023
*Closed on: Mondays except March 27, May 1 and 8

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Opened in December 1952, the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2022 with a splendid exhibition presenting paintings, sculptures, and crafts that were produced in and after the Meiji period (1868–1912). All the exhibits are designated by the Japanese government as Important Cultural Properties. It is, however, more than a show featuring excellent works. Many of the works now highly recognized as masterpieces were at first succès de scandale that introduced unprecedent styles. This exhibition also explores secrets in art history—changes in recognition of those works and how they have come to be designated as Important Cultural Properties.
This show offers a valuable opportunity to view many Important Cultural Properties because they are shown or loaned not very often considering conservation issues. The masterpieces will enable you to rediscover the charm of modern Japanese art.


Gaudí and the Sagrada Família

Interior of Sagrada Família
© Fundació Junta Constructora del Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família

June 13–September 10, 2023

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Antoni Gaudí (1852–1926), actived in Barcelona, Spain, continues to fascinate people around the world with his unique architecture unforgettable once seen, and his influence has been felt in various fields of art.
This exhibition focuses on the Sagrada Família, which has long been called the “unfinished cathedral” but is finally on track for completion, to reveal the source of Gaudí’s architectural thought and creativity, as well as the social significance of this monumental cathedral project. The show will also shed light on Gaudí’s unique production process, in which he developed his ideas not only through drawings but also by making numerous models, and on his comprehensive artistic orientation, which includes colorful tile coverings, furniture, steelwork decoration, and sculpture. In addition to more than 100 drawings, models, photographs, and materials, the exhibition will also feature architectural images taken with the latest technology to explore the timeless appeal of Gaudí’s architecture.


The Making of Munakata Shiko:
Celebrating the 120th Anniversary of the Artist’s Birth

October 6–December 3, 2023

Woodblock Artist Munakata Shiko (1903–1975) gained such international acclaim that he is known as the “Munakata of the world.” His single-minded devotion to the printing blocks is etched in the memories of many people. Aomori, Tokyo, and Toyama, where he lived or based his production, each had a major influence on his development as an artist. To commemorate the 120th anniversary of Munakata’s birth, this exhibition will be presented jointly by three museums in the three regions: Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art and Design, Aomori Museum of Art, and the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. While crossing over various fields such as woodblock prints, Japanese-style paintings, and oil paintings, Munakata traversed the “media” unique to the era ranging from bookbinding, illustrations, and wrapping paper design to film, television, and radio appearances. Centered on the relationship between Munakata and each region, the exhibition illustrates his diverse activities to reconsider the nature of Munakata Shiko as an artist.


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*The exhibition schedule after the above dates will be updated in the future.


Collection Gallery

MOMAT Collection

One of the largest collection exhibitions in Japan, MOMAT Collection  presents 200 works selected in each exhibition period from our collection of more than 13,000 items including Japanese- and Western-style paintings, prints, sculptures, photographs and videos.

As the only exhibition in Japan giving you an insight into Japanese art in and after the twentieth century at a single stroke, it offers diverse ways of appreciating art by changing exhibits after every exhibition period, and by giving small thematic exhibitions.

To provide a comfortable experience in broad galleries, we offer spacious places for relaxation including A Room With a View  overlooking the Imperial Palace and areas near Tokyo Station, as well as various chairs.


■October 12, 2022—February 5, 2023
*Closed on: Mondays except January 2 and 9; December28—January 1, and January 10

■March 17–May 14, 2023
*Closed on: Mondays except March 27, May 1 and 8


*The exhibition schedule after the above dates will be updated in the future.




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