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  • March 23 - May 16, 2021*temporary closure from Apr. 25

Ayashii : Decadent and Grotesque Images of Beauty in Modern Japanese Art

Kainosho Tadaoto, Yokogushi (A Comb in the Side Hair), c. 1916, The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto

Japan in the Meiji period (1868–1912) received Western knowledge and technology in every field. Inspired by the Western counterpart, Japanese art also adapted itself to the new era.
Many works produced under the circumstances contain expressions other than “simple beauty,” such as decadence, sensuousness, grotesqueness, and eroticism. Stirring controversy in the art world, this tendency reached the populace through art and illustrations for literature as the reflections of people’s desire and anxiety in a turbulent age. illustrations for literature
This exhibition illustrates the trend with paintings, prints, and illustrations from magazines and books produced in the period from the mid-19th century until around 1930.





Uemura Shoen, Flame, 1918, Tokyo National Museum
*Exhibited from March 23 until April 4

1. Unforgettable Masterpieces
This exhibition illustrates “negatives” of beauty in modern Japanese art with works full of mysterious charm, including Uemura Shoen’s Flame and Flower Basket, and Kaburaki Kiyokata’s Enchanted Mermaid.


2. Full of Deep, Strange Works
The show presents many works with intense strangeness and beauty that burns into your brain, including Kainosho Tadaoto’s Side Comb, Tachibana Sayume’s Anchin and Kiyohime, and Hada Teruo’s Blood Pond.


3. Mysterious Stories That Capture Your Mind
Stories such as the Legend of Anchin and Kiyohime and The Saint of Mt. Koya (Koya Hijiri) inspired various artists to develop them in their works. Imaginary stories and those presenting mysterious women are attractive also to us, as they were in the Meiji and Taisho periods (1868–1926).


4. And Western Art!
This exhibition also presents works of Western art that had an impact on Japanese artists, including those of Alphonse Mucha, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Aubrey Vincent Beardsley, and Edward Burne-Jones.

Uemura Shoen, Flower Basket, 1915, Shouhaku Art Museum
*Exhibited from April 20 until May 16

Tachibana Sayume, Anchin and Kiyohime, End of Taisho (c. 1926), Yayoi Museum
*Exhibited from April 20 until May 16

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Madonna Pietra, 1874, Koriyama City Museum of Art

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