Let's Talk Art! Enjoy a cross-cultural conversation in English while exploring modern Japanese art

MOMAT’s Let’s Talk Art! (LTA!) is a cross-cultural conversation program in English while exploring modern Japanese art. Not just listening to information, you can enjoy artworks while having a delightful conversation with others. After exploring works, you will be more familiar to Japanese art and culture than ever before.


     ・Let’s Talk Art! Online Available
     ・Virtual LTA! Available on YouTube
     ・Let’s Talk Art! At Gallery Canceled



Let's Talk Art! Online

This is a special opportunity to find new perspectives of art appreciation and deepen your insight of Japanese culture at home!
“Let’s Talk Art! Online” is a conversational program designed to give diverse visitors the opportunity to learn about, appreciate, and discuss art. It is the first attempt by a Japanese museum aiming at cross-cultural exchange through art.
Marvel at some of the museum’s masterpieces, and deepen your understanding of what art means!
A friendly English-speaking facilitator will help you explore 3 masterpieces you encounter, enabling you to engage on a deep level with Japanese art and culture, and enjoy a cross-cultural exchange among other participants through art.

Time&Date: 10:30-11:50AM on Wednesday or Saturday (JST/GMT +9:00)
        *Please check detailed schedule on Viator

Fee:              JPY1,000
Duration:     Approximately 80 mins
        Total 80 minutes including 15 minutes introduction,
        60 minutes art exploring and 5 minutes feedback
Capacity:      Maximum 6 people for a session
Platform:      Via Zoom

        Reserve on Viator


Program schedule

10:30                    Check-in & Introduction
10:45                    Program starts
11:45                    Summary & Questionnaire
11:50                    Program ends



*All times specified are in Japan Standard Time (GMT +9:00). Please check your time zone.

*This is an online program. Please join through Zoom on the time program starts. The invitation URL will be sent after your reservation is confirmed.

*Please prepare computer or tablet with web camera and microphone.

*Participants aged under 12 years old must join the program with a guardian.

*Participants are NOT allowed to record the program in any type of recording.

*This program is designed for international visitors.


Cancellation policy:

*Cancellation is possible up to 24 hours before each session.

*Late comers can neither participate in the session nor get refunds.


For press:
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Virtual LTA!

Catch a glimpse of art exploring program at home!
“Virtual LTA!” is a special opportunity to enjoy cross-cultural conversation with Japanese modern art at home. In each video, you will hear fruitful conversation on art masterpieces from our collection among diverse participants. 
Watch now and get novel viewpoints of appreciating art from delightful art discussion among diverse participants. Let’s take an adventure with us!


Virtual LTA! YouTube Playlist


Theme & Artworks
Tsundere (hot-cold personality type)” on Ogiwara Morie’s Priest Mongaku, 1908
“Light” on Kikuchi Keigetsu’s Dedicating Lanterns, 1910
“Sakura” on Kodama Yasue’s ambient light – sakura, 2002
“Together” on Sekine Shoji’s Three Stars, 1919
“Love and Emotions” on Ogiwara Morie’s Woman, 1910
“Hidden Power” on Tomita Keisen’s The Nachi Fall, 1935
“Where are we?” on Kishida Ryusei’s Road Cut through a Hill, 1915
“Mottainai” on Takamura Kotaro’s Hand, 1918
“Japanese Colors” on Yamamoto Shunkyo’s Snow and Pine Trees, 1908
“Where Are We Going?” on Koga Harue’s Sea, 1929
“The New and the Old” on Ota Chou’s Women Observing Stars, 1936
“Viewing the Moon” on Nakamura Daizaburo’s The Noh Play Miidera, 1939

Let's Talk Art! At Gallery(Currently CANCELED)

A unique program Let’s Talk Art! offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy masterpieces of modern Japanese art from the 20th century at Japan’s first national art museum located in central Tokyo, near the Imperial Palace.

Not just listening to information, you can enjoy artworks while having a delightful conversation with other international participants and a facilitator. After exploring  three works for one hour, you will be more familiar to Japanese art and culture than ever before! Don’t miss it!

Time&Date: Every Friday 6:30 PM–7:30 PM (meeting time 6:15 PM)
*pre-registration necessary

Fee (including museum admission)
  Adult (18–64) 1,500 yen
Discount with ID below (Show your ID)
  College student 1,250 yen
  Senior (65+)  or Minor (11–17) 1,000 yen

Check here :”Tiqets” website

How to register
▼Tickets on the day
If there are any vacancies, tickets are available at the museum ticket office from 10:00 AM until 6:15 PM on the day.

◆This is an art-appreciation program through conversations.
⇒As a member of a small group of up to six people, you will explore artworks while talking with other participants and a facilitator.
◆For international visitors
⇒The program is designed for international visitors who are interested in Japanese art and culture.
◆Participants must be aged 11 or over.
◆Cancellation policy
* Cancellation is possible up to 24 hours before each session.
* Late comers can neither participate in the session nor get refunds.
 Check here → “Tiqets” website
◆On time start
⇒ Meeting time : 6:15 PM
The program starts at 6:30 PM.




From Australia

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to hear perspectives of other people from all around the world on different art pieces. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you!”

From Bangladesh

“I will recommend this program to my family and and friends because it is a great opportunity to learn about Japanese art and culture.”

From Vietnam

“I enjoyed the interactive program. When I visited other museum in Tokyo, it was hard to understand the context of the Japanese society at the time. To have a guide/companion to stimulate me and open my new interpretations is very refreshing.”

From Belgium

“Looking at art in group and discussion and looking for impressions. It explorations was an interesting process. I enjoyed the program very much!”

*Illustrations by Asa Mizoguchi

Expected FAQ

About the program
●How can I register?
⇒ Link to the “Tiqets” website
●How can I cancel my reservation?
⇒ You can cancel your registration up to 24 hours before each session.
No refunds are given for participant cancellation on the day. Check the “Tiqets” website for details.
 “Tiqets” website
●When and where should I come?
⇒ Show up by 6:15 PM in the museum lobby on the 1st floor.
●I’m late. May I participate if I arrive late?
⇒ You can’t participate or get refunds. Instead, enjoy the MOMAT Collection exhibition.
About the art museum
●How much is the admission?
Museum website
●How I can get information about special and permanent collection exhibitions?
Museum website
●Where is the museum?
●How can I check in my buggege?
⇒ Refundable lockers are available. Large bags can be checked in at the information counter in the lobby.
●Do you offer any English commentaries on artworks besides Let’s Talk Art!?
⇒ English captions for the exhibited works are available through Catalog Pocket, a smartphone app.
Our Audio Guide is also available for 300 yen.
●When is the museum open?
Museum website

Contact us

Let’s Talk Art Staff
E-mail address : en-guide@momat.go.jp
* It may take about a week for us to respond.

Art Museum

3-1 Kitanomaru-koen, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8322


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September 29, 2022 (Thu)

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