“momat-free-wifi” is free Wi-Fi service offered by the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.



Q. What is “momat-free-wifi”?
A. It is Wi-Fi service offered experimentally by the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo that enables Internet access via wireless LAN.


Q. How can I use it?
A. Turn on Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) on your device, and then select “momat-free-wifi” from the network list.


Q. Is registration required?
A. No, registration is not required.


Q. Is there any charge for using the service?
A. No. “momat-free-wifi” is free service.


Q. Is there any time restriction?
A. No. You can use the service at any time while the museum is open.


Q. Where can I use it?
A. The service is offered in the lobby on the first floor of the main building.


Q. What device can I use?
A. You can use the service on PCs, tablets, or smartphones.


Q. What do I need to have with me to use the service?
A. You can use the service on any device compliant with IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi standards.


Q. Can I use an electrical outlet?
A. No, you cannot use any electrical outlet.


Q. Is the connection encrypted?
A. The Wi-Fi communication itself is not encrypted. Therefore, it is recommended to use secure websites whose URLs begin with “https,” where the communication between your device and the server is encrypted.



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