Yearly Calendar 2009

Crafts Gallery Yearly Calender 2009 (April, 2009 – March, 2010)

Modern Japanese Crafts from the Museum Colection: Flower Design

March 7 (Sat) – May 10, 2009 (Sun)
*Closed on Mondays (except March 30 and May 4) and May 7, 2009

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Japanese ceramics, textiles, lacquerware, metalworks, woodworks and other crafts often show natural motifs that capture seasonal rich workings of nature using various techniques and materials to create emotion-rich expressions. As usual for the Gallery’s spring special show, this exhibition presents beautiful masterpieces featuring floral motifs.


European Crafts and Design from the Museum Collection

May 16 (Sat) – June 28, 2009 (Sun)
*Closed on Mondays

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This exhibition presents European crafts and design pieces from the Gallery’s collection. It provides an overview on the history of design from late-19th-century British pieces by Christopher Dresser and Art Nouveau in the fin-de-siècle, to Art Deco and modern design. The show will also include crafts by Bernard Leach, Lucie Rie and Hans Coper.


¿! Collection—Crafts Gallery for Kids Inviting Coolness—Crafts Gallery for Adults

July 7 (Tue) – August 30, 2009 (Sun)
*Closed on Mondays(except July 20) and July 21, 2009

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Turn “?” upside down to produce “!”!? You will be amazed and affected looking at mysterious forms that bring out materials’ quality. With accompanying self-guiding work seet and workshops, this is an attempt to excite children’s intellect and sensitivity. Inviting Coolness—Crafts Gallery for Adults presents masterpieces full of cool impression to let you enjoy beauty of crafts that grows more brilliant in hot summer.


Bernard Leach, Hamada Shoji, Arakawa Toyozo and Miwa Jusetsu―From Mr. and Mrs. Someno's Ceramic Colection

September 4 (Fri) – November 3, 2009 (Tue)
*Closed on Mondays(except September 21 and October 12), September 24 and October 13, 2009

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The collection built by Mr. Someno Yoshinobu and Ms. Someno Keiko includes many masterpieces by important ceramic artists in the history of Japanese ceramics, such as Bernard Leach, Hamada Shoji, Arakawa Toyozo, Miwa Jusetsu, Fujimoto Yoshimichi, Shimizu Uichi and Tsukamoto Kaiji. This exhibition presents 150 works from their collection, including 43 pieces they generously donated to us in 2008, to illustrate the charm and characteristics of Japanese ceramic art.

Accompanying exhibition

Masterpieces of Modern Japanese Ceramics from the Museum Collection

Traveling from Hagi Uragami Museum[May 2 – June 21, 2009]


The Power of Decoration―A Viewpoint on Contemporary
Kôgei (Studio Crafts)

November 14, 2009 (Sat) – January 31, 2010 (Sun)
*Closed on Mondays(except November 23, 2009 and January 11, 2010), November 24,  December 28, 2009 – January 1 and January 12, 2010

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Recent years have seen a flowering of excessively decorated craftworks that seem as if artists’ aim is the act of decorating itself, rather than producing ornamented objects. It seems as though these pieces show signs of the wish to restore primitive relationships between human beings and things through contact with materials. This show explores the possibilities of kôgei (studio crafts) in the 21st century with decoration as a hint.


Modern Crafts from the Museum Collection: Flower Design

February 11 (Thu) – April 18, 2010 (Sun)
*Closed on Mondays(except March 22 and March 29) and March 23, 2010

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This exhibition presents about 100 masterpieces with floral motifs, including ceramics, textiles, lacquerware, woodworks, bamboo works, metalworks and dolls. Even classic plum and chrysanthemum, and commonplace thistles and shepherd’s purses are all full of fresh charm seen through artists’eyes. From tiny patterns to forms comprising the whole, please enjoy “flowers” that bring out the flavor of materials and techniques peculiar to crafts.


This is a small but permanent program of the Crafts Gallery to present works of bearers of important intangible cultural assets (living national treasures) and other leading artists and designers at home and abroad. Please check out this program since the exhibits are changed occasionally in connection with special and collection exhibitions or along seasonal topics.

March 7 – May 10, 2009
May 16 – June 28, 2009
July 7 – August 30, 2009
September 4 – November 3, 2009
November 14, 2009 – January 31, 2010
February 11 – April 18, 2010


ART MUSEUM Gallery 4

Hayakawa Yoshio: "The Face" and "The Form"

January 2 (Sat) – February 14, 2010 (Sun)

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As a powerful leader of postwar Japanese graphic design, Hayakawa Yoshio (1917-2009) co-founded the Japan Advertising Artists Club in 1951 and promoted modern designs with a Japanese touch. This solo show presents the original pictures of his Face series that characterized his career from the 1980s onward with rich colors and emotional expression,
as well as his important poster designs and Shape series, to look back over the designer’s long career.


National Crafts Museum

3-2 Dewamachi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa 920-0963


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March 28, 2023 (Tue)
09:30 - 17:30
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