Yearly Calendar 2010

Crafts Gallery Yearly Calender 2010 (April, 2010 – March, 2011)

Modern Crafts from the Museum Collection: Flower Design

February 11 (Thu) – April 18, 2010 (Sun)
* Closed on Mondays (except March 22 and 29) and March 23, 2010

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This exhibition presents about 100 masterpieces with floral motifs, including ceramics, textiles, lacquerware, woodworks, bamboo works, metalworks and dolls. Even classic plum and chrysanthemum, and commonplace thistles and shepherd’s purses are all full of fresh charm seen through artists’ eyes. From tiny patterns to forms comprising the whole, please enjoy “flowers” that bring out the flavor of materials and techniques peculiar to crafts.


Modern Crafts and Design in the Art Deco Period from the Museum Collection

April 27 (Tue) – June 27, 2010 (Sun)
* Closed on Mondays (except May 3) and May 6, 2010

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The about 80 exhibits selected from our collection include furniture, glassware, silverware and posters of important French Art Deco artists such as René Lalique, Jean Dunand, Pierre Chareau and Cassandre, as well as pieces of contemporary Japanese artists under the influence of Art Deco, including Naito Haruji, Takamura Toyochika and Isoya Akira.


Crafts Gallery for Kids & Adults: Colors

July 9 (Fri) – August 29, 2010 (Sun)
* Closed on Mondays (except July 19) and July 20, 2010

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Color has a great power to attract and shake people’s mind. Colors of craft pieces are full of rich materiality that artists have elaborately brought out. Enjoy the impression at the moment you first look at a piece, then take your time to appreciate its charm. Self-guiding worksheets for children and adults are available. Various events will also be held for children from three to fifteen years of age.


About the Tea Ceremony—A Viewpoint on Contemporary
Kôgei (Studio Crafts)

September 15 (Wed) – November 23, 2010 (Tue)
*Closed on Mondays (except September 20 and October 11) and September 21 and October 12, 2010

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As the art of the tea ceremony evolved, Japanese people have made many craft pieces using various materials. Those pieces have shown new ideas and forms as if reflecting the respective eras. This exhibition focuses on today’s artists creating forms and designs that express their thoughts as individuals in particular, to reflect on artists’ ideas about the tea ceremony, and on today’s form making in the art.


Gems of Contemporary Art Dolls from the Museum Collection

December 3, 2010 (Fri) – February 20, 2011 (Sun)
* Closed on Mondays (except January 10, 2011), December 27, 2010-January 1 and 11, 2011

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Paying attention to doll making as artistic expression, the Crafts Gallery has tried to build a collection that provides an overview on the history of modern Japanese dolls. Highlighting Hirata Goyo, Noguchi Mitsuhiko, Hori Ryujo and other important artists at the dawn of artistic doll making, this exhibition presents about 80 pieces to illustrate the development of dolls to the present day.



March 1 (Tue) – May 8, 2011 (Sun)
* Closed on Mondays (except March 21, 28, April 4 and May 2 ) and March 22, 2011

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Since early years in his career, Takahashi Yoshihiko (b. 1958) has been active at the forefront of studio glass. Each of his works has come as an eye-opening surprise to us. Giving an impression as if he is checking the texture of hot melted glass, his skill and expressivity in free blowing is particularly acclaimed in Japan and abroad. Presenting about 50 pieces dating from the 1980s until his latest work, this show will let you enjoy dynamism of glass brought out by Takahashi’s action on the material.

Accompanying exhibition

Masterpieces of Modern Crafts from the Museum Collection


This is a small but permanent program of the Crafts Gallery to present works of bearers of important intangible cultural assets (living national treasures) and other leading artists and designers at home and abroad. Please check out this program since the exhibits are changed occasionally in connection with special and collection exhibitions or along seasonal topics.


ART MUSEUM Gallery 4

Sakaegi Masatoshi

January 8 (Sat) – February 13, 2011 (Sun)
* Closed on Mondays (except January 10, 2011) and January 11, 2011

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Making free use of the model molding techniques, ceramic designer Sakaegi Masatoshi (b. 1944) handles all the processes from sketching to completion to connect users’ ideas to his own with unrestricted freedom, thus creating high-quality products. This exhibition focuses mainly on his everyday vessels to explore Sakaegi’s design thinking that extends over the acts of making and using.


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