Yearly Calendar 2011

Crafts Gallery Yearly Calender 2011 (April, 2011 – March, 2012)

Takahashi Yoshihiko Goes to the Glass

Takahashi Yoshihiko
Melting 2010
(private collection)

March 1 (Tue) – May 8, 2011 (Sun)
* Closed on Mondays (except March 21, 28, April 4 and May 2) and March 22, 2011

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Since early years in his career, Takahashi Yoshihiko (b. 1958) has been active at the forefront of studio glass. Each of his works has come as an eye-opening surprise to us. Giving an impression as if he is checking the texture of hot melted glass, his skill and expressivity in free blowing is particularly acclaimed in Japan and abroad. Presenting about dating from the 1980s until his latest work, this show will let you enjoy the dynamism of glass brought out by Takahashi’s action on the material.


Masuda Mitsuo’s Bracing Metal Chasing
---and Tomimoto Kenkichi

Masuda Mitsuo
Water container, willow design,
gilding on copper

May 17 (Tue) – June 26, 2011 (Sun)
* Closed on Mondays

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Masuda Mitsuo (1909–2009) was a Living National Treasure or a holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property in metal chasing who portrayed familiar flowers, plants and animals to express their bursting vitality. Having acquired the creative spirit under ceramist Tomimoto Kenkichi, Masuda produced pieces that convey changing seasons and times, and even subtle atmosphere at the site. This show looks back through 60 pieces the life of Masuda who lived out his life span of 100 years and died in 2009.

Accompanying exhibition
New Acquisitions of Modern Crafts: 2008-2010

Stripes: Modern Crafts from the Museum Collection

Moriguchi Kunihiko
Kimono, "Sand Flow", yuzen dyeing 

July 5 (Tue) – August 31, 2011 (Wed)
* Closed on Mondays (except July 18, 2011)

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Vertical, lateral and cross stripes, checks, horizontal striped patterns and tricolor stripes―striped patterns are everywhere in our life, showing amazing diversity. How about looking for stripes at the Crafts Gallery this summer? Junior high school children and younger can use a self-guiding worksheets and take part in various events. This show can be enjoyed by all ages.


Guerrino Tramonti: A Retrospective

Tramonti Guerrino
Cat c.1980
(Guerrino Tramonti Foundation)

September 10 (Sat) – November 13, 2011(Sun)
* Closed on Mondays (except September 19 and October 10) September 20 and October 11, 2011

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Italian artist Guerrino Tramonti (1915–1992) manifested his talent in his diverse works ranging from terra-cotta sculptures, colorful ceramic panels, and voluminous vessels, to ceramic frames using frit, and poetical paintings rimmed with black. This is the first solo show of his art in Japan providing an overview of his entire career.

traveling to:
Hagi Uragami Museum December 10, 2011 – February 12, 2012
Otani Memorial Art Museum, Nishinomiya City 2012.April-May
Seto City Art Museum June 9 – July 29, 2012


Masterpieces of Modern Crafts and Living National Treasures from the Museum Collection

Matsuda Gonroku
Two-tier table, black pine and bird design, bachiru inlay and maki-e 1972

November 22, 2011 (Tue) – January 29, 2012(Sun)
* Closed on Mondays (except January 2 and 9, 2012) December 28, 2011-January 1 and 10, 2012

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This exhibition presents masterpieces of modern crafts selected from our collection of about 3,000 pieces, focusing on their potential of materials and expression. In support of the Film Center’s project featuring documentary film series about important intangible cultural assets in crafts produced by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, the show will also present fifty diverse masterpieces related to their films including Maki-e (Gold Lacquer) (fiscal 1971).


Kitamura Takeshi

Kitamura Takeshi
Rakin type silk, six-petal plum blossom pattern 1997

February 7 (Tue) – April 15, 2012 (Sun)
* Closed on Mondays (except March 19, 26 and April 2, 2012)

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Kitamura Takeshi (b. 1935) is designated a Living National Treasure or a holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property for his mastery over the techniques called ra and nishiki (brocade). Equating the formation of textile with expression, Kitamura has used the intricately intertwining warp within the thickness of about one millimeter to produce cloth that impresses us with quiet movement and depth. This show introduces Kitamura’s works spanning his entire career to lead the viewers to the world of woven structure with rich contrast.

traveling from:
The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto September 16 – October 30, 2011


This is a small but permanent program of the Crafts Gallery to present works of Living National Treasure or a holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property and other leading artists and designers at home and abroad. Please enjoy this program since the exhibits are changed occasionally in connection with special exhibitions or along seasonal topics.

March 1 (Tue) – May 8, 2011 (Sun)
May 17 (Tue) – June 26, 2011 (Sun)
September 10 (Sat) – November 13, 2011 (Sun)
November 22, 2011 (Tue) – January 29, 2012 (Sun)
February 7 (Tue) – April 15, 2012 (Sun)


ART MUSEUM Gallery 4

Hara Hiromu

Hara Hiromu
Bauhaus 1970

February 3 (Fri) – May 6, 2012 (Sun)
* Closed on Mondays (except March 19, 26 and April 2 and 30, 2012)

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Hara Hiromu (1903–1986) designed many posters, tickets and catalogue covers for exhibitions held by the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo for twenty years from its opening in 1952 until 1972. As many as about 150 posters for our exhibitions were designed by Hara. Presenting 150 pieces, this show focuses on Hara’s work with the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo to consider the relationship between designers and art museums.


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