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Crafts Gallery Yearly Calender 2015 (April, 2015 – March, 2016)

Crafts Gallery

Nakamura Minato’s Jewelry: Square, Globe, Line, Plane
Simultaneous exhibit | Masterpieces of Modern Crafts from the Museum Collection

February 24(Tue) – April 19, 2015(Sun)

*Closed on Mondays (except March 23, 30 and April 6, 2015)

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Having studied sculpture at Musashino Art University, Nakamura Minato (b. 1947) has divided her time between production of large three-dimensional metal pieces and jewelry. Characterized by geometrical shapes as with her sculptures, her jewelry is uniquely attractive with distinct contrast to the body when worn. Centering on her jewelry, this exhibition will focus on the present state of her activities that emerges in her travels between the two.

Modern Crafts and the Tea Ceremony from the Museum Collection

April 28(Tue) – June 21, 2015(Sun)

*Closed on Mondays (except May 4, 2015)

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The extensive development of Japanese crafts has been closely related to the tea ceremony. Focusing on tea-ceremony-related pieces produced by modern artists including bearers of important intangible cultural property, this exhibition will present pieces by 60 artists to illustrate flexible thinking and form creation. This show will also provide an opportunity to think about the ways in which utensils are appreciated through “likening” as well as their charm.


Crafts Gallery for KIDS + ADULTS Pika☆Boko—An Onomatopoetic Guide to Crafts from the Museum Collection

July 14(Tue) – September 27, 2015(Sun)

*Closed on Mondays (except July 20 and September 21), July 21 and September 24, 2015

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Tsuya-tsuya (shiny), kira-kira (glittering), bokoboko (bubbling)̶ these are examples of onomatopoeias that craft pieces often elicit from Japanese people. In such words lurks the essence that people feel when they intuitively grasp rich texture of crafts. This exhibition will help explore the charm of crafts that stimulate the senses of not only sight and touch, but sometimes also hearing and smell. Self-guiding worksheets will be available separately for kids and adults.


Kuriki Tatsusuke

October 8(Thu) – December 13, 2015(Sun)

*Closed on Mondays (except October 12 and November 23), October 13 and November 24, 2015

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Kuriki Tatsusuke (1943–2013) was an artist who, after flourishing at the Asahi Ceramics Art Exhibition and the Nitten Exhibition, demonstrated a unique talent in the ceramic art world by devoting himself to his own viewpoint and theory of form. Illustrating his achievements where he explored the relationship between plasticity and form of ceramics, and attempted to reconstruct form by integrating decoration with structure, this exhibition will try to identify his clear approach to art and modern ceramics.


Longing for Modernity : The 1920s -2010s from the Crafts Gallery’s Collection

Maeda Nansai, Cabinet, Enshu type paulownia wood (1956, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo) Photo: Yokota Shoichi

December 23, 2015(Wed) – February 21, 2016(Sun)

*Closed on Mondays (except January 11, 2016), December 28, 2015–January 1 and 12, 2016

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Modern Japanese artist have reinterpreted traditional materials and techniques in light of today’s sensibilities to create new pieces. This exhibition will present 120 pieces including masterpieces representing the respective periods, ones related to them, and contemporary foreign works.


(Text)tiles by Serizawa Keisuke, from the Kaneko Kazushige Collection

March 5(Sat) – May 8, 2016(Sun)

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*Closed on Mondays (except March 21, 28, April 4 and May 2) and March 22, 2016

Kata-zome (stencil dyeing) began attracting attention in modern Japan for its lean beauty. A pioneer of modern kata-zome, Serizawa Keisuke (1895–1984) was designated a Living National Treasure in 1956 for “Kata-e-zome” (stencil picture dyeing). Presenting his designs and original pictures in addition to kimonos and folding screens, this exhibition will explore his unique ideas and the dynamism of the artist’s way of formative thinking that gave birth to his patterns.

Works of Living National Treasures and Great Masters

Matsuda Gonroku,Tea caddy, mandarin duck design, maki-e and rankaku (1945, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)

This program of the Crafts Gallery presents works of bearers of important intangible cultural property (Living National Treasures) and other leading artists and designers at home and abroad. The exhibits are changed occasionally in connection with special exhibitions or along seasonal topics.

ART MUSEUM Gallery 4

Design Project for the 1970 Osaka Expo

March 20(Fri) – May 17, 2015(Sun)

*Closed on Mondays (except March 23, 30, April 6 and May 4, 2015)

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Held under the theme of “Progress and Harmony for Mankind,” the 1970 Osaka Expo (Japan World Exposition) is remembered as a national event in Japan in the years of spectacular economic growth. In the venue where a sign scheme was used, designers tried out various experiments as if in a future city, including displays using videos and Metabolist architecture. This show will examine the design work for the 1970 Expo.

Visit Japan Tourism Promotion in the 1920s and 1930s

January 9(Sat) – February 28, 2016(Sun)

*Closed on Mondays (except January 11) and January 12, 2016

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In the first half of the 20th century, development in international sea lanes and railway networks brought overseas travel into the limelight as a new type of entertainment that attracted much interest. For travel campaigns, graphic designers produced posters, pictorial magazines and travel brochures showing scenery and customs of Japan and Asia to invite people to travel. Presenting such materials, this exhibition will look back on the Oriental images created there.


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