Here we report our activities in Tokyo. Reports on those in Kanazawa will follow in the future.

In the Let’s Touch It Section, visitors actually feel craft works. During the Gallery Talk, they learn about the exhibition’s focus while discussing the works and their backgrounds. Touch&Talk programs are held Wednesdays and Saturdays during each exhibition period with volunteer docents as guides.

Touch & Talk details

Gallery Talk Crafts Gallery curators and specialists in a wide range of fields present talks from a wide range of perspectives: explaining the history of the works being exhibited, the materials and techniques used, and trends in that craft. Our Gallery Talks are ideal for those who want to learn more.
Artist’s Talk As we gain a deeper interest in craft works, all sorts of questions arise: “Why was this piece made this way, and how?”, for example. Artist Talks are an opportunity to see the secrets of creative work from the artist’s perspective and to share their rich experiences.
Lecture & Symposium These programs are opportunities to think more deeply about crafts and design with artists, critics, and researchers from throughout the world, as well as your fellow participants. Since the topic of each lecture or symposium is linked to the current exhibition, it is also an opportunity to gain a new grasp of the works on display.

These programs, apart from Touch & Talk, do not follow a regular schedule. Please consult the website page about the current exhibition for the schedule and other details.

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Group Applications

Gallery Talks are offered for groups of ten or more. Please contact us at least a month in advance to make arrangements to participate.

Please understand that a Gallery Talk may not be available on the day or at the time you request.

For further information, contact the Education and Archives Office of the Crafts Gallery:
E-mail: (replacing the # with an @).
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Tel: 076-221-1956 (Monday – Friday, 10:00 – 17:00)

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