Crafts Gallery, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo is moving to Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture in October 2020 after quitting its operation in Tokyo on February 28, 2020.
We are most grateful for your support for as long as 42 years.
Our gallery is going to start afresh as National Crafts Museum.
This is the archive of Crafts Gallery, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo website.

Kids & Families

Crafts Gallery for KIDS+ADULTS

All programs were finished.

The Crafts Gallery’s summer exhibition is designed to make learning about crafts fun. Kids and adults can share the many-sided excitement of craft works. To enrich the experience, we offer self guides and a variety of events.

Self Guides

Enjoy two types of self guides for the Crafts Gallery for KIDS+ADULTS exhibition. (The guides are available on a first-come, first-served basis.) The works included are the same for the kids’ and the adults’ versions. Explore the exhibition at your own pace or enjoy it together, sharing information and stimulating each other, for even more fun.



The Kids’ Self Guides include a stamp rally. Discover the secrets of the works on display, aided by the hints in the guide’s photographs and text. The text are divided by difficulty and the size of the print to suit kids’ age levels. We encourage their use as tools for self-directed exploration of the exhibition.

The Adults’ Self Guides include a wide range of detailed information. They provide information about each artist and data on the works, including dimensions and techniques, the history, and comments by the artist, offering many approaches to exploring the works. These guides are also effective in providing additional information or ways of viewing works when a child’s interest has been sparked.

Create it together : the All Hands Catalogue

Kids are invited to introduce their favorite works through drawings and messages, contribution to a collectively created All Hands Catalogue, which will be displayed in the Crafts Gallery during the exhibition. After looking at the catalogue, with its close-up views of elements in works and acutely observant comments, not a few adults go back to look at the works again. After the exhibition ends, the All Hands Catalogue will be carefully preserved.

“Like the wind.” (Six years old)

“I was surprised when I saw it. It looks like a whirlpool.” (Six years old)

“My impression is that with the charm of the black part and the gloss of the red, it’s utterly lovely.” (Nine years old)

“The difference between the dark and light parts is clear, and it’s lovely” (Eleven years old)

Touch&Talk for Kids

After experiencing Touch&Talk, kids can express their discoveries and surprises through creating handicrafts themselves. The program is available for children from the age of three to third graders in elementary school, with the content varying with the age of the participants. (Applications to participate are required; participants will be chosen from among the applicants by lot.)


Experience and understand what creative work is about through actually creating craft objects. The instructors are all craft artists currently active in their fields. These workshops are available for children from the fourth grade in elementary school through the third year of middle school. The content varies with the age of the participants. (Applications to participate are required; participants will be chosen from among the applicants by lot.)

Touch&Talk for Families

All programs were finished.

Hearing about experiences of touching works and being amazed makes the crafts even more fascinating! Touch&Talk for Families is a program designed so that families with small children can freely join in. It will be held during the Crafts Gallery for KIDS+ADULTS exhibition from 2 p.m. every Wednesday and Saturday. Reservations are not required. Participants who are elementary school age or younger will receive a pair of “goggle glasses.”


Other programs for kids and families

All programs were finished.

Details will be posted as they become available.