Here we report our activities in Tokyo. Reports on those in Kanazawa will follow in the future.

About Touch&Talk

Touch&Talk programs are held Wednesdays and Saturdays during each exhibition period. They begin at 2 p.m. and last about a hour.
Reservations are not required unless a large group wishes to participate. (For group reservations, see Group Applications, below.)

A bowl or a piece of clothing: don’t these everyday objects seem a little different in a museum? Looking at the wide variety of materials and the techniques used, don’t you find yourself wondering how on earth these pieces were made and what they are made of?

Touch&Talk is our program inspired by comments like that from our visitors. Participants—children and adults—can touch craft pieces and explore their fascination in depth.

Our volunteer docents will lead participants through the Touch&Talk experience.

Touch&Talk: Two Features

Let’s Feel It section

Use your five senses to experience the work of craft artists, from Living National Treasures to popular young creators—not just a work’s appearance, but its weight, texture, resonance, even its smell. Try out the tools craftspersons actually use and learn from rare materials documenting the production processes, prepared just for this program. Explore the secrets of materials and techniques that cannot be grasped through the walls of glass cases.

Gallery Talk

Explore your perceptions with a docent’s guidance. Sounds difficult? No, it all begins with short, simple phrases—colors, forms, whether you like a work or not—as you uncover a work’s essence. Your docent will also introduce information about the artist, the context, and other stimulating background information.

Group Applications

The Crafts Gallery also offers Touch&Talk for groups, in addition to the schedule above. Please contact us at least a month in advance to make arrangements to participate.

 Pre-school and school-age kids’ programs ★★
 Groups ★★
 Requesting an English-speaking guide ★
 Handicapped visitors ★

  • ★★ indicates programs for groups of ten or more. ★ indicates programs for five or more.
  • Since Touch & Talk is a program carried out by volunteers, a docent may not be available at the time you request.
  • Guidance in sign language is not available at present.

For further information, contact the Education and Archives Office of the Crafts Gallery:
E-mail: (replacing the # with an @).
Fax: Under discussion
 (Monday – Friday, 10:00 – 17:00)

Download the group application form here:

Craft Gallery Docents

What do volunteer docents do? What makes their contributions exciting?
In our Touch&Talk program, docents explore craft pieces with the visitors, encouraging them to exercise all the senses, and make opportunities for visitors to become aware of their own perceptions. Their role is to facilitate visitors’ process of discovery.


Main activities

Volunteer docents introduce visitors to the exhibits once or twice a month while exhibitions are underway at the Crafts Gallery. They also take part in ten continuing education events each year, respond to requests for group visits from, for example, schools, and plan and carry out summer programs for kids and provide support for other events.



Before being registered as a docent, each volunteer undergoes 12-13 sessions of training and two supervised guided tours. The training includes basic knowledge of the history of the craft arts and the materials and techniques used in them as well as techniques for guiding visitors.


Call for volunteers

The Crafts Gallery calls for applications to become volunteer docents about once every two years. We are not currently accepting applications.

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