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Artist Talks MOMAT Collection Artist Talks|Aoki Noe


Artist Talks,” in which the artists themselves talk about the works in the collection. This event used to be held as an irregular talk event, but has been on hiatus for some time. Starting this time, we will deliver artist talks via video streaming. The first talker is the sculptor Aoki Noe. She talked about her sculpture Moya 2018-I (2018), and her printmaking works.

Interviewer|Hajime Nariai (The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)
Photography|Shunsuke Watanabe, Natsumi Oikawa
Lighting|Aoi Nakamura
Director|Hibiki Miyazawa (COG WORKS)
Production|The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
English Subtitles|Yasumasa Kawada (Art Translators Collective)

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