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This website is operated by the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo and the National Crafts Museum. Collectively, “the Museum”). When you access the website, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

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When adding or updating pages on the website, we verify and confirm that the site will display and operate using the latest versions of the following browsers: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari on personal computers; Google Chrome on Android; Safari on iOS. Please note that the website is not compatible with feature phones and Internet Explorer.


The website uses JavaScript to improve the user experience. The website may not load or operate correctly if JavaScript is not enabled in the browser settings.


You will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar software to view PDF files.


Please refer to our privacy policy.


The site uses SSL/TLS encrypted communication to improve the security level. Since information entered on the website is automatically encrypted before transmission, third parties cannot access users’ personal information. However, depending on the browser environment settings, some pages may not load for viewing. Some terminals running Windows XP or other older OS. are unable to authenticate the server certificates used for encryption. As a result, the pages may not load.


  • The copyright and other rights to all content and works (images of artwork, illustrations, documents, materials etc.) on the museum website belong to the museum and the information providers. The content and works are protected by the Copyright Act of Japan, treaties, and copyright laws of other countries. The content and works may not be used beyond the scope of personal use.
  • It is strictly prohibited to make copyrighted content and works available to third parties by modifying, reproducing, leasing, lending, selling, publishing, transmitting, broadcasting, or by any other means without the permission of the copyright holder. If individual copyrighted works have separate terms of use, such terms of use will take precedence.


  • The names of museums, companies, services, or products posted on the museum website are the trademarks or registered trademarks of the museum, or of each corporation and organization. The names of products or organizations may be used on the museum website for purposes of illustration. Such use does not constitute intentional or purposeful infringement of trademark rights.


  • When posting information on the website, the museum carefully examines and verifies the information, but the museum does not guarantee the accuracy, usefulness, reliability, safety, or suitability for specific purposes of the content. The museum accepts no responsibility for any damage that may arise from the use of content on the website.
  • The museum may modify or suspend the website configuration, terms and conditions of use, URL, or website content without advance notice, or discontinue or suspend the operations of the website without advance notice. Regardless of the reasons, the museum accepts no responsibility for any damage that may arise from discontinuing or suspending the website operation.
  • Content on third-party websites accessible from this website or via links posted on this website (below, “linked websites”) is the responsibility of the operators of each linked website. Such content is not controlled by the museum. Links do not imply any collaboration or special relationship between the museum and the linked websites. The museum does not accept any responsibility for content on linked sites or damage that may arise from their use.

Governing laws and court of jurisdiction

  • Unless otherwise specified, use of the website is governed by the laws and regulations of Japan. Any dispute concerning its use comes under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court in the first instance.
  • Anyone accessing the website is assumed to do so of their own free will. Responsibility for use of the website rests with the person accessing the site.


The museum complies with the regulations for controlling personal information and the privacy policy (guidelines for protecting personal information) of the Independent Administrative Institution National Museum of Art.

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