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Art Literature Guide (Artistic Reference)

7th ed. 2023.2.17

The Art Literature Guide (Artistic Reference) explains how to access art literature while introducing you to the materials collected at the Art Library of the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (MOMAT). Members of the Art Library staff have compiled this information as part of their self-training efforts.

Click the underlined part of the title of a book or publication to open the MOMAT Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) bibliographic collection details screen.

The code in brackets at the end of an item is the Art Library call number.

For literature in Japanese, the English title is displayed as an alternative title, if one exists. If there is no English title, the Japanese name transliterated into the Roman alphabet is displayed in brackets.

Revision History

6th ed. 2019.10.11, 5th ed. 2019.04.27, 4th ed. 2018.04.12, 3rd ed. 2015.03.28, 2nd ed. 2010.07.01, 1st ed. 2003.05.20.

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The Archives are donations to the Art Library: primarily books from the collections of artists, galleries, and researchers, grouped as they were donated. Librarians also call them “special collections.”

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