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Let’s Talk Art!

“Let’s Talk Art!” is a session of art appreciation and cross-cultural conversation on Japanese art pieces in the gallery.
Our museum facilitator leads a discussion focusing on three artworks on display.

The sessions are being closed for the time being.
Looking forward to seeing you very soon!

Keep you updated with us about upcoming schedule of the program.

A facilitator and four people having conversation at the museum gallery.

Virtual LTA!

An introductory video content for the conversational program, “Let’s Talk Art!”, where participants casually have a chat about Japanese modern art piece from the MOMAT collection.
One art piece is picked up for a video by a museum facilitator and discussed through interaction between participants and a facilitator.

MOMAT Collection Self-Guide Petit and FIND & BINGO!

Learning materials for pre-school children and family distributed for free at the Information Counter.
Interactive activities to explore the museum are included in the learning materials.

A pamphlet with a painting and a punch-out bingo card are placed together.

MOMAT Collection Free GUIDE APP

“Catalogue Pocket” is a free guide app to read commentary of the MOMAT collection currently on display. 
It is available in Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified) and Korean.

Catalog Pocket logo picture


Exhibition related Talks and Tours, and Seasonal events, such as Spring Festival and Summer Festival, will be held through a year.

During the MOMAT spring festival, visitors take a rest on benches in front of the museum enjoying cherry blossoms.

Offered in Japanese Only

Gallery Tour by MOMAT Volunteer Docents

A MOMAT volunteer docent accompanies and guides you around the Museum Collection Gallery, and helps you better understand selected artworks.

A museum decent guiding four people and looking at a painting together. The program is only offered in Japanese.


FAX: +81 3 3214 2576
E-mail: en-guide@momat.go.jp (Education Section)
Phone: 050-5541-8600 (Domestic Toll-free Number 9:00~20:00)
Phone:+81-47-316-2772 (International Toll-free Number)

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