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Gaudí and the Sagrada Família



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Antoni Gaudí (1852–1926), actived in Barcelona, Spain, continues to fascinate people around the world with his unique architecture unforgettable once seen, and his influence has been felt in various fields of art.

This exhibition focuses on the Sagrada Família, which has long been called the “unfinished basilica” but is finally on track for completion, to reveal the source of Gaudí’s architectural thought and creativity, as well as the social significance of this monumental basilica project. The show will also shed light on Gaudí’s unique production process, in which he developed his ideas not only through drawings but also by making numerous models, and on his comprehensive artistic orientation, which includes colorful tile coverings, furniture, steelwork decoration, and sculpture. In addition to more than 100 drawings, models, photographs, and materials, the exhibition will also feature architectural images taken with the latest technology to explore the timeless appeal of Gaudí’s architecture.


Exploring the source of Antoni Gaudí’s originality

Gaudí did not create his original architecture from scratch. He excelled in that he greedily absorbed the history of European architecture, the forms of other cultures, and the mysterious forms of nature, and from these he created his own unique forms and rules. This exhibition explores the sources of Gaudí’s ideas in three key areas: history, nature, and geometry.

Unraveling the construction process of the Sagrada Família

Whose idea was it that led to the construction of the Sagrada Família and how did it evolve over time? This exhibition focuses on Gaudí’s original method of production, in which he explored the shape and structure of the basilica by modifying models, and highlights the ingenuities of those who took over the project after the architect’s death during the more than 140 years of construction.

Illuminating the rich world of the Sagrada Família as composite art

Gaudí conceived the Sagrada Família as a place for the synthesis of various arts, working on the effects of light and color on the exterior and interior, and on the acoustics in the basilica, as well as sculptures representing biblical narratives. This exhibition will also focus on Gaudí’s sculptural techniques to explore the rich world of the basilica.

Aerial walk through the magnificent space of the Sagrada Família

This section presents high-definition videos and drone footage shot by NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) to explore the basilica from perspectives that cannot be captured by the naked eye. It is a breathtaking sight to see the light coming through the stained-glass windows and changing the colors of the interior of the basilica. With the completion of the tower of the Virgin Mary, the tower of Jesus is nearing completion. Latest videos show the current state of the Sagrada Família as it heads into the final stages of construction.

Some items will be replaced during the exhibition period.

The present and future of the Sagrada Família

The construction of the Sagrada Família was suspended because of the coronavirus pandemic, but resumed in the fall of 2020. Of the six towers in the center of the basilica, the tower of the Virgin Mary, with a star at the top, was completed in December 2021, followed by the towers of the Evangelists Luke and Mark in December 2022. Of the four Evangelist towers, the towers of the Evangelists John and Matthew are scheduled for completion in November 2023, and the tower of Jesus, the tallest in the center of the basilica, in 2026.

Sagrada Família, photographed in January, 2023
©Fundació Junta Constructora del Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família

Exhibition Catalogue

3,300JPY (tax included) / B5 variant, hard cover, 328 pages
Japanese and English


1 Gaudí and His Time
2 The Sources of Gaudí’s Originality
3 The Story of the Sagrada Família
4 The Legacy of Gaudí

List of Works

Gaudí and the Sagrada Família | Dr. Torii Tokutoshi
Construction of Antoni Gaudíʼs Sagrada Família Today | Dr. Jordi Faulí


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Special Exhibition Gallery (1st floor)


June 13–September 10, 2023


Mondays (except July 17) and July 18


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