How to Use the Art Library (Detailed)

1.Put your baggage in a coin locker except valuables and
writing implements.

2.Enter the library and receive an Admission Card at the

3.Use the OPAC to find materials, because most of the
library materials are kept on closed shelves.

4.To request materials on closed shelves, fill in the call slip.

5.Read the materials. Use the Photocopy Service if

6.Hand the slip in at the counter, and wait for the materials.

7.Return the materials and the Application Card to the
counter before leaving.

How to Use the Art Library

  • Obtain a Library Card at the reception counter and fill out the required fields on the form provided.
  • Please keep the Library Card somewhere visible on your body while you use the library.
  • Please return the Library Card at the counter before leaving the library.
  • Materials from the Art Library are not available for loan and must be viewed inside the library. A copying service is available.
  • Please refrain from using your mobile phone, eating, drinking, or smoking in the library.


  • You are free to view any books, catalogs, and magazines kept on the open shelves of the reading room.
  • Many of the materials archived at the Art Library are kept on closed stacks. To access closed stack
  • materials, find the material(s) you wish to view on a PC (OPAC), fill in “Call Slip (Book Access Application Form)” with the name of the work/author and the application number, and bring the completed form to the counter.
  • Of the materials in the closed stacks, you may view up to 5 items at a time. To apply to view more materials, first return the materials you are currently viewing and apply again.
  • In the interest of preservation, some special materials may not be available.


  • Copying Fees (Electronic Copies)
    • 1 page: 30 yen (black & white), 100 yen (color) (tax included)
    • Sizes: A4, B4, A3 *Copies cannot be enlarged or reduced.
  • How to Apply
    • Fill in the required fields on “Photocopy Request Form”. Place bookmarks in the first and last page of the section of the material you wish to copy and bring it to the reception counter along with “Photocopy Request Form”. A member of our staff will verify which parts and how many pages you wish to copy.
    • Please make copies using the self-service copy machine. A receipt will be printed after the number of pages you paid for have been copied or when the Return button is pressed. Please take the receipt with you.
  • Caution
    • Materials collected at the library can be copied as long as doing so does not violate the Copyright Act. For rare books or materials in poor condition, we will make copies for you. In the interest of preservation, copying may be prohibited for some materials. Refunds are not given for any accidental copies made.
      Please make copies carefully.

Reference Service

  • If you have any questions about art materials or would like to know the status of any collected materials, please feel free to ask at the counter.
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