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Male Sculpture



Art Museum Gallery 4


Ogiwara Morie, Priest Mongaku, 1908
Photography by Otani Ichiro

Here we present sculptures depicting the male figure created in Japan between the early years of the 20th century and the 1940s, thematically divided into three areas. In the wide space to your right are a group of strapping, muscular “strong men.” Beyond these are mainly portrait sculptures of what can aptly be described as “intelligent men.” In the final room are sculptures of primarily elderly “weak men.” Each area also features paintings that portray men in a similar light. 

In terms of individual works, when there was a plaster version in the collection, we intentionally selected this for exhibition. White plaster comes to appear dirty and discolored, though this can be concealed if it is painted, but because artists produced them by making molds directly from clay, the details of modeling are more faithfully reproduced than in bronzes smoothened by die-cutting.

It is said that no art is unrelated to the value systems of the era and society from which it emerged, and this applies to the theme of “masculinity” as well. Working in the context of current cultural values, these sculptors popularized the Western tradition of nude sculpture in Japan, while at the same time sometimes being confined by it. Please enjoy each of these charming and intriguing works with this background in mind.

List of Works

Male Sculpture
November 25, 2020–February 23, 2021 The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

roomaudio guide (En)artisttitle美术家标题작가의 표제dateon view fromon view to
Gallery 40004WADA, SanzoSouth Wind和田三造南风와다 산조남풍19072020/11/252021/02/23
Gallery 4 SHIRAI, UzanExamining an Arrow白井雨山调箭시라이 우잔화살 점검19082020/11/252021/02/23
Gallery 4 OGIWARA, MoriePriest Mongaku荻原守卫文觉오기와라 모리에승려 몬가쿠19082020/11/252021/02/23
Gallery 4 ASAKURA, FumioMan from a Mountain朝仓文夫山中来的男人아사쿠라 후미오산에서 온 남자 19092020/11/252021/02/23
Gallery 4 SHINKAI, TaketaroPrecious Rest新海竹太郎小憩值千金신카이 다케타로천금 같은 휴식19132020/11/252021/02/23
Gallery 4 KITAMURA, SeiboRaging Billows北村西望怒涛기타무라 세이보노도19152020/11/252021/02/23
Gallery 4 YO, KanjiChampion Team阳咸二胜利队伍요 간지우승팀19302020/11/252021/02/23
Gallery 4 WATANABE, YoshitomoHelmet渡边义知铁盔와타나베 요시토모 철 투구19362020/11/252021/02/23
Gallery 4 NAKAMURA, TsunePortrait of Dr.Tanakadate中村彝田中馆博士的肖像나카무라 쓰네다나카다테 박사의 초상19162020/11/252021/02/23
Gallery 4 YANAGI, KeisukePortrait of Mr. Raita Fujiyama柳敬助藤山雷太氏像야나기 게이스케후지야마 라이타 씨의 초상 19212020/11/252021/02/23
Gallery 4 FUJIKAWA, YuzoPoet M藤川勇造诗人M후지카와 유조시인 M19252020/11/252021/02/23
Gallery 4 TAKATA, HiroatsuPortrait of Mr. Yoshinao Kozai高田博厚古在由直先生像다카타 히로아쓰고자이 요시나오 선생의 초상 19272020/11/252021/02/23
Gallery 4 KITAMURA, SeiboPortrait of Mr. Raita Fujiyama北村西望藤山雷太氏像기타무라 세이보후지야마 라이타 씨의 초상 19322020/11/252021/02/23
Gallery 4 HIRAKUSHI, DenchuKakusho [statue of Okakura Tenshin]平栉田中鹤氅히라쿠시 덴추학창19422020/11/252021/02/23
Gallery 4 OGAWA, UsenKintaro小川芋钱金太郎오가와 우센킨타로(金太郎)19282020/11/252020/12/20
Gallery 4 MORITA, TsunetomoTwo Children on the Grass森田恒友草原上的两个孩子모리타 쓰네토모대초원에 두 아이19232020/12/222021/02/23
Gallery 4 NAKAMURA, FusetsuMoxa中村不折养身(长养)나카무라 후세쓰양생19152020/11/252021/02/23
Gallery 4 SHIRAI, UzanForlorn Old Man白井雨山无依无靠之身시라이 우잔기댈 곳 없는 이19122020/11/252021/02/23
Gallery 4 ISHII, TsuruzoPriest Shunkan (Study for Head)石井鹤三俊宽(头像试作)이시이 쓰루조승려 슌칸(두부 습작)19302020/11/252021/02/23
Gallery 4 HASHIMOTO, HeihachiExpression of Infant桥本平八幼儿表情하시모토 헤이하치유아 표정19312020/11/252021/02/23
Gallery 4 SEKIYA, MitsuruDengoro, Old man关谷充传五郎老人세키야 미쓰루 덴고로 노인 19342020/11/252021/02/23

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