Our Mission

This museum, established in 1952 as Japan’s first national museum, aims to share values with people all over the world by collecting, conserving, and researching Japanese modern and contemporary art from the late 19th century to the present, as well as engaging in exhibiting, publishing, and educational activities.

It is our hope that the museum will serve as a place for people to gather, interact, and encounter a diverse range of values and ideas along with art. We also hope that the museum will inspire creativity in the future through dialogues between the past and the present. Finally, it is our hope that the museum will serve as a free space in which everyone can be themselves and spend a rich time filled with new discoveries.

We are dedicating to fostering the museum as a venue for creativity with artists and viewers of all kinds.


Reviewing History

Endowed with one of Japan’s preeminent art collections, the museum regularly presents an exhibition series called the MOMAT Collection as a means of consistently approaching trends in modern and contemporary Japanese art from the late 19th century to the present from a new angle while also providing a social context and global perspective.

Creating a Dialogue

With its exhibits and educational programs, the museum strives to create a place for dialogue between people as well as between people and art. These art-mediated dialogues provide people with an opportunity to discover new values by coming into contact with the past and diverse viewpoints and ways of thinking .

Supporting Creativity

The driving force behind modern and contemporary art is an experimental spirit designed to carve out new paths. While esteeming this spirit, we support the freedom and creativity of artistic practices that enrich our lives and give rise to new communities.

Respecting Diversity

To realize greater diversity and inclusion, we strive to create a place in which people can come into contact with art and spend time in their own way. We are committed to making a contribution to creative culture by respecting art along with diversity.

Representing Museum Standards

In addition to collecting and conserving an outstanding collection and building archives, we are devoted to conducting activities based on a careful examination and developing an art library as a foundation for research in order to represent new museum standards rooted in changes in the times and society.

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