Yearly Calendar 2008

Crafts Gallery Yearly Calender 2008 (April, 2008 – March, 2009)

Flower and Doll from the Museum Collection

Kosei Matsui, Large Jar, hariko neriage
(1999, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)

February 26 (Tue) – March 11, 2008 (Tue)
*Open on Mondays, March 31, April 28 and May 5, 2008

In creating modern crafts, many craftspeople have depicted and found models in beauty and shape of flowers nurtured by nature. This exhibition presents about seventy masterpieces with floral motifs showing sophisticated beauty of crafts. This show also features about thirty modern artistic dolls—a genre that has developed as a rich arena for creation, traditional crafts and contemporary expression—as well as some posters, in an attempt to bring out the contrasts among various expressions of human-figure motifs.



Museum Collection Exhibition
I. European Modern Crafts and Design:
Centering on Art Deco
II. New Acquisitions 2006–2007

May 20 (Tue) – July 6, 2008 (Sun)

In addition to modern Japanese crafts, the Crafts Gallery has occasionally acquired works by modern European artists and designers. This show presents about eighty pieces selected from such acquisitions to provide an overview on the history of modern European crafts and design. The second part of the show features about thirty five pieces selected from acquisitions in 2006 and 2007, including ceramics of Munemaro Ishiguro (1893–1968) and Koheiji Miura (1933–2006), as well as glass and textile pieces.


Crafts Gallery for Kids from the Museum Collection

Keisuke Serizawa, Noren (doorway curtain),
“Sacred Waterfall”, stencil dyeing on tsumugi silk

(1962, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)

July 17 (Thu) – September 23, 2008 (Tue)

*Open on Mondays, July 21 and September 15; closed on Tuesdays, July 22 and September 16, 2008

We hold Crafts Gallery for Kids every summer vacation. This year it focuses on decorative patterns on craft pieces. The program examines ornaments on about 100 excellent pieces from our collection including ceramics, lacquerwares, textiles and metalworks in an attempt to delve into the appeal of crafts. Workshops for kids will also be given by craftspeople during the period.


Yasuki Hiramatsu―Jewelry: The Essence of Form Accompanying exhibition: Masterpieces of Modern Crafts from the Museum Collection - Ceramics

Yasuki Hiramatsu, Brooch
(1998, private collection)

October 4 (Sat) – December 7, 2008 (Sun)
*Open on Mondays, October 13, November 3 and 24; closed on Tuesdays, October 14, November 4 and 25, 2008

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Having inherited the tradition of Japanese metal carving, Yasuki Hiramatsu (b. 1926) has reconsidered it with a contemporary sensibility to produce pieces that pose innovative interpretations of metalwork. Known for his sophisticated but warm forms, Hiramatsu is internationally acclaimed as a leading artist in postwar Japan, especially in the field of jewelry. This show features about eighty pieces to retrospect his half-century career. The accompanying show will present masterpieces selected from our collection.


Beauty of Lacquer, Wood and Bamboo Works from the Museum Collection

Tatsuaki Kuroda,
Tea caddy, stripe patterns, raden inlay
(c.1974, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)

December 20, 2008 (Sat) – February 22, 2009 (Sun)
*Open on Monday, January 12, 2009; closed on December 29, 2008–January 1 and Tuesday, January 13, 2009

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Because of their heavy reliance on natural materials, lacquer, wood and bamboo works are sometimes thought to be beautiful simply owing to nature. What we look at are, in fact, pieces of nature deliberately segmented by artists—carefully elaborated artifacts. Presenting about 100 lacquer, wood and bamboo works, this show examines aspects of beauty heterogeneously transformed from nature through shaping and ornamentation.


Flower Design—Modern Japanese Crafts from the Museum Collection

Toyozo Arakawa, Tea bowl, "Kooriume", shino type
(1970, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)

March 7 (Sat) – May 10, 2009 (Sun)

Japanese ceramics, textiles, lacquerwares, metalworks, woodworks and other crafts often show natural motifs that capture seasonal rich workings of nature using various techniques and materials to create emotion-rich expressions. As usual for the Gallery’s spring special show, this exhibition presents beautiful masterpieces featuring floral motifs.


Yoshimichi Fujimoto,
Cut corners square box,
sparrow and bamboo design,
overglaze enamels on snow white

(1984, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)

his is a small but permanent program of the Crafts Gallery to present works of bearers of important intangible cultural assets (living national treasures) and other leading artists and designers at home and abroad. Exhibits include ceramics, glassworks, lacquerwares, woodworks, bamboo works, textiles, dolls, metal works and designs.


CARLO ZAULI: A RETROSPECTIVE ◆Special Exhibition Gallery, Art Museum(Main Building)

Carlo Zauli, Winged Cube (1976, Carlo Zauli Museum)

June 17 (Tue) – August 3, 2008 (Sun)
*Open on Monday, July 21; closed on Tuesday July 22, 2008

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Known internationally as a great innovator of modern ceramics, Carlo Zauli (1926–2002) was an Italian master ceramic artist who had considerable influence also on Japanese counterparts. This is the first retrospective exhibition after his death, planned as part of international exchange with Faenza, the city where Zauli was active as a ceramic artist. While thoroughly exploring the possibilities of clay in his dynamic ceramic sculptures, Zauli also displayed unusual talent in his subtle, elaborate architectural façades and tile designs. This show traces his forty-year career after 1951.


Traveling from The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto (October 2–November 11, 2007) and Museum of Modern Ceramic art, Gifu    (April 19–June 1, 2008)

Traveling to:
Hagi Uragami Museum    August 26–October 26, 2008



MAKOTO KOMATSU EXHIBITION―design+humour― ◆Gallery 4, Art Museum(Main Building)

Makoto Komatsu, Crinkle series superbag
(1997, private collection)

October 28 (Tue) – December 21, 2008 (Sun)
*Open on Mondays, November 3 and 24; closed on Tuesdays November 4 and 25, 2008

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Brought into the limelight in 1975 by his Crinkle series—pieces in the shapes of vessels such as cups and paper bags, featuring motifs of paper and cloth wrinkles—Makoto Komatsu (b. 1943) is now a leading product designer of international renown. Centering around the ceramic-molding technique called porcelain casting, his works are rich in humor and suggestions for comfortable life.


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