We do our best to make it possible for all visitors to enjoy the artwork at their leisure.

  • Wheelchairs and strollers are available for rent.
  • Writing tablets are available at the reception desk.
  • Service dogs are allowed.
  • Coin lockers are available.
  • Parking (exclusively for visitors with reduced mobility) are available.
  • There are seats and benches in the museum.
  • Elevator is available.
  • Incline is available.
  • First-aid station is available.
  • Multi-purpose toilet is available.
  • Nursing room is available.
  • Photography in the galleries (use of flash is not allowed) However, photography may not be allowed for some exhibitions and artworks.

Photography varies depending on the exhibition. For more information, please consult the information about photography posted inside the museum.

Obstruction-free Facility

Parking Lots

Photo : Outdoor priority parking lots (for 3 passenger cars) lined up side by side

Priority parking is available (3 cars, free of charge). There are also parking lots shared with the adjacent cultural facilities (approx. 230 cars, free of charge). It is not possible to make reservations for any of them.

Rooms for Nursing Mothers

Photo : In the back, there is a window with curtains and four chairs for children, a simple sink in front of it, a white adult chair next to it, and a folding diaper-changing seat in front.

There is one room for nursing mothers on the first floor of the building. The room can be locked from inside.

Loan Wheelchairs and Baby Carriage

Photo : A simple black stroller and a wheelchair with a purple seat lined up

There are three wheelchairs (caregiver must be present) and one baby carriage available for loan.
Please inquire at the reception desk on the first floor.

Service Dogs

Illustration : Hojo dog (Assistance Dog) mark

Guide dogs, assistance dogs, and hearing dogs are allowed in the museum.

Writing Tablets

Photo : White tablet-sized communication board

Writing tablets are available at the museum.
Please inquire at the reception desk on the first floor.

Multi-purpose Toilets

Photo : A toilet with a handrail, a washbasin filled with liquid soap, two types of waste bins (one of which opens and closes with a sensor), facilities for ostomates (persons with artificial anus and artificial bladder) (small in front) with a mirror), there is a folding universal seat

There is one multi-purpose toilet in the building. The toilet has a sliding door, wash basin, universal seat, and facilities for ostomates (people using an artificial anus or artificial bladder).

Coin Lockers

Photo : Gray coin lockers. There are also some large size lockers.

There are 40 coin lockers (36 are 44 x 44 cm and 4 are 88 x 44 cm, operated with 100 yen coin return) on the first floor of the building. Large bags etc. can be left at the reception desk.

First-aid Station

Illustration : A hand with a bandage wrapped around the index finger

There is a first-aid station on the first floor of the building.
Please ask a member of staff for assistance to use the service.

Access Ramp

Photo : A slope with a gentle handrail that folds once.

There is an access ramp next to the stairs to the entrance. The doors to the entrance are automatic.


Photo : One white elevator door. There is an operation button on the left side.

The building is equipped with elevators.

Seating Available

Photo : In a room with a large window in the middle, there are two wooden chairs lined up on each side.

The museum offers a seating area where visitors can take a rest. The location varies for each exhibition. Feel free to ask a member of museum staff for directions.

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