Rights & Reproduction

Press Images

The National Crafts Museum provides press images of the museum buildings, permanent displays, and the exhibitions to our media partners for publicity use. Using these images for any other purpose is strictly prohibited. If you would like to use the image service, please read the Terms & Conditions before submitting your application.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The images must not be used for any other purposes than to introduce the National Crafts Museum and the exhibitions.
  2. Sharing the images with third parties is not permitted. Please delete the image data after use.
  3. Please use the entire image. Partial use, cropping, or superimposing letters is not allowed.
    (Please consult the museum about the preferred format if you would like to crop the background of a photograph.)
  4. Please include the captions and credits for each image when posting the images.
  5. Please send us the proofs before posting.
  6. After publication, please provide the Public Relations Office with one copy of the newspaper (magazine), or one DVD of the recorded content. For images of the building, please send one copy to the Public Relations Office and one copy to the photographer, a total of two copies. We will provide the mailing addresses at the time of the loan. In case of a website, please inform us of the URL when posting images.
  7. We use cookies on the image service pages to provide a better user experience. By continuing you agree to their use.

Media Coverage

The National Crafts Museum permits coverage and photography of the exterior and interior of the museum when the National Crafts Museum features in television programs, printed matter, or websites. For inquiries, please inquire of the contact below by email.
After confirming schedules and proposals, the museum will contact you to approve or deny the request, or to arrange a schedule for interviews, filming/photographing, or other matters.

However, at present we do not permit filming for other than publicity purposes (film locations, etc.).

Important Points

  • Since the space for filming/photographing is limited, please consult with us in advance.
  • As a rule, flashlights and lighting (except LED) cannot be used.
  • Do not disturb visitors to the museum or block passages.
  • The museum accepts no responsibility for issues that may arise as a result of filming/photographing and publishing.
  • Please send one copy of the proofs and the published material to the following address.
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