Introduction to the Art Library

The Art Library at the National Crafts Museum specializes in crafts and design materials. The library houses about 35,000 publications, including collections of works, exhibition catalogs, and a wide variety of art reference books, as well as roughly 1,500 art magazine titles in Japan and overseas.
The library is free of charge to anyone who wishes to consult the materials in our holdings.

Please cooperate with the following points on the use.
 Hands sterilization before and after when reading document or using Art Library, the museum’s Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)



Tuesday-Friday during exhibition periods
Closed on Sat., Sun., Mon., and national holidays, and be closed during closure of the museum, as well as for maintenance.


(Reception until 16:30)


  • Do not bring coats or bags into the reading room.
  • Leave all belongings except valuables and writing implements in the lockers.
  • Leave umbrellas in the umbrella stand.
  • Do not use mobile phones or smartphones, eat or drink, or smoke in the reading room.


  • The majority of the materials are in closed stacks. If you wish to use materials in the closed stacks, enter your name and address on the application form, search the catalog for the materials, enter the title and call number, and take the form to the counter. (Up to 5 items)
  • Materials  in No. II closed stack cannot be viewed on the day of application. Please contact us for information.
  • Some materials may not be available for viewing due to their condition.
  • Materials in the reading room are not available for external loans.
  • Copying service is available with the limits allowed by copyright.

Photocopy Service

Copying service is available with the limits allowed by copyright.
Some materials may not be copied in the interest of preservation.




Black and white copies: 30 yen per page, Color copies: 100 yen per page.

How to Apply

Please enter your name, contact information, and the pages you wish to photocopy on the application form. Insert a bookmark between the pages you wish to photocopy, and take the materials to the counter.
A staff member will confirm the request, inform you of the cost, and request payment.
A member of staff will photocopy the pages.

Special notices

  • Up to 5 items can be requested at one time. Up to 50 pages can be photocopied at one time.
  • The scope of photocopying is restricted by copyright law. It is not possible to reproduce more than half of any item that is in the term of  copyright protection.
  • The purpose of use is limited to personal research.
  • Some materials may not be photocopied for reasons of preservation.
  • Please note that we cannot refund fees that have been paid.
  • Photocopying is limited to materials in the reading room.
  • Do not take photographs with a smartphone or camera.

Advance Application

  • Please apply in advance if you would like to use materials that are not in the reading room (located outside the reading room at the National Crafts Museum).
  • Please apply at least 3 days before your preferred date.
  • You may request up to five items for using. 
  • Limited to National Crafts Museum materials (located at the Museum*).
  • It is not possible to add to or change the requested materials on the day of use.
  • Please note that we reserve the right to refuse viewing or photocopying materials depending on their condition.
  • Photocopy requests are accepted up to 30 minutes before closing time.

How to Apply

Please send the information listed below to The person in charge will contact you.

  • User name: You may not apply by more than one person at a time.
  • Contact (phone): Enter a telephone number where we can reach you.
  • Preferred date and time: Please check the open day calendar and enter the desired date and time to visit.
  • Material titles and ID: Up to 5 items. Please enter the information after searching the catalog.

※ The personal information (name, telephone number, etc.) provided  will not be used for any other purposes than providing the library service. However, we may have to disclose personal information in the following cases.

  • When required by law to disclose the information.
  • When there is a legitimate request from a public institution (healthcare center etc.)
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