An introduction of a building

National Crafts Museum

Western-style Buildings from the Meiji period (1868–1912) Relocated and Reassembled

The Old 9th Division Command Headquarters—originally built in 1898 as the executive office and designated as a Registered Tangible Cultural Property in 1997—and The Old Army Generals Club—an organization of retired military servicemen originally built in 1909 as a meeting place for officers—have been relocated and reassembled. The galleries are newly built reinforced concrete restorations. The exterior restores the buildings’ original colors that have been identified during relocation and reconstruction.

The Old 9th Division Command Headquarters
The Old Army Generals Club
The Old 9th Division Command Headquarters Division Commander room (2F lounge)

1st fl. ”Welcome to the World of Crafts”

The first floor provides novices in Japanese crafts with lucid explanations of techniques and terminology. It also contains a digital-driven section that enables visitors to enjoy interactions with 3D images of craftworks.

2nd fl. The Matsuda Gonroku’s Maki-e Studio

The second floor presents the studio of Matsuda Gonroku (1896–1986), lacquer artist and a living national treasure from Kanazawa City, that has been relocated and reassembled, along with production tools, materials and documentary videos related to the artisan.

Logotype and Symbol

The logotype and symbol for the National Crafts Museum were finalized on the occasion of the museum relocated to Ishikawa prefecture and opened in 2020. The designs are by UMA/design farm.

The National Crafts Museum Logotype
The National Crafts Museum Symbol
Combined use of logotype and symbol
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