Trio exhibition: Yorozu Tetsugoro’s “Nude Beauty” will be temporarily replaced.


Yorozu Tetsugoro’s Nude Beauty, which is part of Trio: Modern Art Collections from Paris, Tokyo and Osaka, was scheduled to be on display throughout the exhibition, but will be temporarily suspended to protect the work, and his Nude, Resting Her Chin on Her Hand will be shown instead.

Visitors are requested to check the following display periods in advance:

Yorozu Tetsugoro, Nude Beauty, 1912, National Important Cultural Property

  • May 21–July 22
  • August 9–August 25

Yorozu Tetsugoro Nude, Resting Her Chin on Her Hand, 1926

  • July 23–August 8

Both from the collection of the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.

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