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FY 2020 Japan cultural Expo Project and Co-presented by Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, and Japan Arts Council

The First of National Crafts Museum’s Grand Opening Exhibitions: Japanese Crafts―Materials, Techniques and Regionalities

Vessels and kimono are familiar to us in our daily lives. However, don’t you notice that those everyday objects look somehow different in the museum showcases? You might have a surprising experience of newly discovering the rich taste of the materials of the work and elaborate techniques used. And then it might have made you curious about how the artist created it.

“Touch&Talk” is our program inspired by our visitors’ comments. In the program, participants can appreciate the pieces that the artists passionately created by using five senses. They realize the weight and texture of the pieces by the sense of sight, the sense of hearing, and the sense of touch on the fingertips. We hope you enjoy watching our program of sensory appreciation style in your homes and schools.

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