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Modern Crafts from the Museum Collection: Flower Design



Crafts Gallery, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo


As usual for the Gallery’s spring special show, this exhibition presents beautiful masterpieces featuring floral motifs.

List of Exhibits

AitistBirth-DeathTitleDateMaterial & TechniqueCollection (the other=MOMAT)
Room 1
Group of Important Intangible Properties / Kurume-kasuri Kimono, Kurume-kasuri cotton, flower and diamond pattern1958cotton, kasuri ikat 
ISA, Toshihiko1924-Kimono, Impression of “Feux d’artiffice” in Debussy’s Preludes1985silk, stencil dyeing 
KAMAGA, Toshiko1938-Kimono, “Fu-cho-so (caper)”, stencil dyeing on silk1987silk, stencil dyeing 
KAMAKURA, Yoshitaro1898-1983Kimono, plum blossom pattern, stencil dyeing and gold leaf imprint on tsumugi silk1962silk, stencil dyeing, gold leaf imprint 
KIMURA, Uzan1891-1977Kimono, plum blossom design, yuzen dyeing on crepe silk1966silk, yuzen dyeing 
MORIGUCHI, Kako1909-2008Kimono, “Early Spring”, yuzen dyeing on crepe silk1955silk, yuzen dyeing 
MORIGUCHI, Kako1909-2008Kimono, “Fragrant Shadow”, yuzen dyeing on crepe silk1959silk, yuzen dyeing 
MORIGUCHI, Kako1909-2008Kimono, chrysanthemum petal pattern, yuzen dyeing on tsumugi silk1960silk, yuzen dyeing 
MUNEHIRO, Rikizo1914-1989Kimono, “Heart of Flower”, fushiginu (silk reeled off twin cocoon)1979silk, weaving 
SASAKI, Sonoko1939-Kimono, “Fragrance of the Breeze”, tsumugi, silk2005silk, weavingprivate collection
SERIZAWA, Keisuke1895-1984Noren (doorway curtain), design of the character “Hana (flower)” Stencil dyeing on tsumugi silk1960silk, stencil dyeing 
SHIMURA, Fukumi1924-Kimono, “Gradation”, tsumugi silk1978silk, weaving 
SUZUTA, Teruji1916-1981Kimono, flower pattern, wood-block printing and stencil dyeing on satin silk1979silk, wood-block printing, stencil dyeing 
Room 2
FUJITA, Emi1962-Glass ring2005glass, casting 
MIYATA, Rando III (Kohei)1926-2007Ring, “Springtide”, gold, lost-wax casting1977gold, lost-wax casting 
OKI, Hideharu1895-1968Kanzashi (ornamental hairpin) with motifs of imaginary flowersc.1918-43silver 
OKI, Hideharu1895-1968Kanzashi (ornamental hairpin) in the shape of an plum blossomc.1918-43silver, gold 
OKI, Hideharu1895-1968Brooch in the shape of an imaginary flower made of iridescent tamamushi insects and powder chargec.1918-43silver, tamamushi insect 
OKI, Hideharu1895-1968Brooch in the shape of hydrangeasc.1918-43silver, gilding 
OKI, Hideharu1895-1968Sash clip in the shape of plum blossomsc.1935rogin (copper alloy with silver) 
OKI, Hideharu1895-1968Sash clip in the shape of orchidsc.1935brass 
OKI, Hideharu1895-1968Sash clip in the shape of a orchidc.1944-68silver 
OKI, Hideharu1895-1968Sash clip in the shape of a chrysanthemumc.1944-68silver 
SASAKI, Shodo1882-1961Ornament, “Bud”, silver, lost-wax casting1961silver, lost-wax casting 
GOMI, Fumio1911-1980Red Plum Blossoms1946kimekomi 
HIRATA, Goyo1903-1981Taira-no-Koremori1936paulownia, cloth, carving, costumed 
HORI, Ryujo1897-1984Offering a Flower1956paulownia, cloth, carving, kimekomi 
HORI, Ryujo1897-1984Serenity1957paulownia, cloth, carving, kimekomi 
KAGOSHIMA, Juzo1898-1982Doll, “Enju-bina (Longevity couple)”1957paper clay, modeling 
KAGOSHIMA, Juzo1898-1982Doll, “Eternal Maternity”1961paper clay, modeling 
KAGOSHIMA, Juzo1898-1982Doll, “Little Friend”1963paper clay, modeling 
KAWAKAMI, Nampo1898-1980A Spray of Peach Blossoms1965paper, toso (paulownia sawdust paste), modeling 
KAWAKAMI, Nampo1898-1980Serenityc.1974paper, toso (paulownia sawdust paste), modeling 
KOMATSU, Yasushiro1915-1979Doll, “Coiffure”1966paulownia, cloth, carving 
FUKUMOTO, Shigeki1946-Spring Wind ’91-A, B1991cotton, stencil and wax resist dyeing 
KITAGAWA, Heiro1898-1988Yamato-nishiki type silk, flower and bird motifs1959silk, nishiki (brocade) type weaving 
KITAGAWA, Heiro1898-1988Nishiki type silk, bird, butterfly and flower scroll motifs1960silk, nishiki (brocade) type weaving 
KITAGAWA, Heiro1898-1988Yamato-nishiki type silk, peony scroll motif1960silk, nishiki (brocade) type weaving 
KITAGAWA, Heiro1898-1988No robe, kara-ori type silk, peony motif1963silk, kara-ori (float-weft brocade) type weaving 
KITAGAWA, Heiro1898-1988Sash, nishiki type silk, peony arabesque pattern1971silk, nishiki (brocade) type weaving 
KITAMURA, Takeshi1935-Kimono fabric, nishiki type silk, flower scroll pattern1983silk, nishiki (brocade) type weaving 
KITAMURA, Takeshi1935-Rakin type silk, six-petal plum blossom pattern1997silk, nishiki (brocade) type weaving 
KOGA, Fumi1927-Obi Sash, “Early Spring”, Saga-nishiki type weave1978Saga-nishiki (brocade, colored silk weft with a gold or silver warp) 
FUJII, Tatsukichi1881-1964Two-fold screen, flowering scenec.1916-20wood 
Room 3
KANAMORI, Soshichi1821-1892Large vase in flower-and-bird design with elephant-shaped ornamentc.1892copperenrolled art object
KOMAI, Otojiro1842-1917Charger with human figure design, gold and silver inlay on iron basec.1876-85ironenrolled art object
NAKASUGI, Yososhichi1853-1931A pair of two brass vases with carved motifs of bamboo and Kannon1890brassenrolled art object
NISHIMURA, Toshihiko1889-1947Cigar case with plant motifsc.1926-45copper, enamel 
  Bowl for nuts1929bronze, casting 
NOBUTA, Yo1902-1990Incense burner with flower-shaped lid handle, celadon1940bronze, celadon 
SASAKI, Shodo1882-1961Ornament, “Animal of Luck (Fabulous chamois-like animal)”, bronze, lost-wax casting1959bronze, lost-wax casting 
YAMAKAWA, Koji1828-1882Vase with ornamental rings, gold and silver inlayc.1877copperenrolled art object
Christopher DRESSER1834-1904Garden chair1867iron, casting 
Christopher DRESSER1834-1904Cast-iron stand for umbrellas and sticksc.1875iron, enameled 
Christopher DRESSER1834-1904Printed pair of curtains with floral patterns1890sprint 
HIROKAWA, Matsugoro1889-1952Letter box, “Flower Cluster”1929lacquer 
ISOYA, Akira1904-1987Chest, floral pattern, maki-e1930lacquer, maki-e 
ISOYA, Akira1904-1987Letter box, floral pattern, maki-e1934lacquer, maki-e 
KURODA, Tatsuaki1904-1982Small box, incised floral motif, red lacqueredc.1935lacquer 
ITAYA, Hazan1872-1963Vase, incised peony design, celadon1925porcelain 
ITAYA, Hazan1872-1963Water container, auspicious floral design in finely incised lines and underglaze colors1942porcelain 
KINKOZAN, Sobei VII1868-1927Jar with lid, flower and birds design, overglaze enamels and goldc.1884-97stoneware 
MIYAGAWA, Kozan I1842-1916Vases in relief, doves and cherry blossoms designc.1871-82stoneware 
MIYAGAWA, Kozan I1842-1916Vase, irises design, underglaze enamelsc.1897-1912porcelain 
NAGASAWA, Eishin I1861-1919Vase, basket design with flowers and birds in    relief, white porcelainc.1877porcelainprivate collection
TOMIMOTO, Kenkichi1886-1963Sketch for ornamental plates, “Leaning Thistles”1933sumi ink, paper 
TOMIMOTO, Kenkichi1886-1963Square dish, thistle design, overglaze enamels1938porcelain 
Room 4
ERI, Sayoko1945-2007Clustered hexagonal boxes, kirikane, “Rokka-shuko (six flowers gathering their fragrance)”1992wood, metal foil, kirikane 
MASUMURA, Mashiki1910-1996Coverd bowl in the shape of plum blossom, negoro type, kanshitsu1972lacquer, kanshitsu 
MATSUDA, Gonroku1896-1986Low table, cherry blossom and bird design, maki-e1956lacquer, maki-e, hyomon 
  Bowls, cherry blossom design, raden inlay1966lacquer, raden inlay 
OTOMARU, Kodo1898-1997Tea caddy, mother’s-heart design, choshitsuc.1959lacquer, choshitsu 
  Tea caddy, silver line inlay, choshitsu1963lacquer, choshitsu 
TAGUCHI, Yoshikuni1923-1998Ink-stone case, narcissus design, maki-e1946lacquer, maki-e 
TAGUCHI, Yoshikuni1923-1998Ornamental box, casablanca design, maki-e, raden inlay1994lacquer, maki-e, raden inlay 
TERAI, Naoji1912-1998Water container, “Spring”, maki-e on metal base1976lacquer, metal base, maki-e, rankaku 
SHONO, Shounsai1904-1974Vase with handle1966bamboo 
IMAIZUMI, Imaemon XII1897-1975Vase, yusoku pattern, Nabeshima ware1966porcelain 
IMAIZUMI, Imaemon XIII1926-2001Bowl, floral design, underglaze grey and overglaze enamels, Nabeshima ware1978porcelain 
IMAIZUMI, Imaemon XIII1926-2001Bowl, pinks design, underglaze grey and overglaze enamels, Nabeshima ware1982porcelain 
KATO, Hajime1900-1968Round box, gold leaves on overglaze yellowish-green enamel1958porcelain 
KUSUBE, Yaichi1897-1984Vase, “Summer Day”, saien (design in colored clays)1976porcelain 
MIYASHITA, Zenju1901-1988Vase, plum blossom pattern, white glaze1955porcelain 
TAMURA, Koichi1918-1987Large dish, plum blossom design in wax resist technique, iron glaze1960stoneware 
TAMURA, Koichi1918-1987Pot, camellia design, white slip1969stoneware 
TOMIMOTO, Kenkichi1886-1963Ornamental octagonal box, four-petal flower pattern, overglaze enamels, gold and silver1955porcelain 
TSUKAMOTO, Kaiji1912-1990Plates in the shape of flower, white porcelain1982porcelain 
UWATAKI, Katsuji1941-Jar, pattern applied in a cloth process, mat glaze1988porcelain 
NAKADAI, Zuishin1912-2002Flower-shaped bowl1981paulownia wood, scooping 
OSAKA, Hiromichi1937-Octagonal sutra case, rosewood1987rosewood, joining, inlayprivate collection
OSAKA, Hiromichi1937-Box, “Seika”, hosoge flowers design in inlay, dyed from sappanwood and clear lacquer on persimmon wood2007persimmon wood, joining, inlayprivate collection
IO, Toshio1908-1994Sake bottle, hammered iron1966iron, hammering 
Room 5
Dan DAILEY1947-Blooming Woman1989glass, blowing 
FUJITA, Kyohei1921-2004Decorative casket, “Iris”1973glass, mold-blowing 
FUJITA, Kyohei1921-2004Ornamental box, “Cherry Blossoms at Night”1996glass, mold-blowing 
ISHII, Koji1946-1996Vase, colored-flower design, “Utage (feast)”1994glass, blowing 
TAKAHASHI, Yoshihiko1958-Flower Like2004glass, blowing, overlay 
NAITO, Haruji1895-1979Wall Vase1929bronze, casting 
OCHI, Kenzo1929-1981Flat flower container1961iron, hammering 
TSUKIO, Soichi1915-1992Iron Vase1954iron 
KUROSAWA, Chiharu1949-2008Two-fold screen, “Flower Dance”1991lacquer, gold leaf 
TAKAHASHI, Setsuro1914-2007Yoshunfu (ode to the spring-tide)1985lacquer, chinkin 
KITAMURA, Junko1956-Untitled1998stoneware 
MATSUI, Kosei1927-2003Large Jar, clear white neriage1989stoneware 
TASHIMA, Etsuko1959-Cornucopia 97-V1997stoneware, glass 
TOKUDA, Yasokichi III1933-2009Bowl, overglaze enamels1991porcelain 

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