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Crafts Gallery, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

About the Exhibition

Color has a great power to attract and shake people’s mind. Colors of craft pieces are full of rich materiality that artists have elaborately brought out. Enjoy the impression at the moment you first look at a piece, then take your time to appreciate its charm. Self-guiding worksheets for children and adults are available. Various events will also be held for children from three to fifteen years of age.

List of Exhibits

RoomArtistBirth-DeathTitle(*: private collection/the other : MOMAT)DateMaterial & Technique
redFUJIHIRA, Shin1922-Vase, flower design, copper red glaze1989stoneware
redISHIGURO, Munemaro1893-1968Tea bowl copper-red glazec.1938-42stoneware
redKANESHIGE, Toyo1896-1967Water container with fire marks, Bizen ware1959stoneware
redKATO, Hajime1900-1968Ornamental jar, chrysanthemum design, gold leaves on overglaze red enamel1961porcelain
redKATO, Hajime1900-1968Long-necked vase with ears, copper red glaze1942stoneware
redKATO, Hajime1900-1968Jar, fish-and-algae design, copper red glazec.1951stoneware
redKITAOJI, Rosanjin1883-1959Bowl, peony design, overglaze enamelsc.1935porcelain
redKITAOJI, Rosanjin1883-1959Small bowls, gold leaves on overglaze red enamelc.1938porcelain
redKITAOJI, Rosanjin1883-1959Tea cups, underglaze bloe and overglaze redc.1939porcelain
redKOHZURU, H. Gen1938-Coarse-tea set, ridged design2000stoneware
redMIYAGAWA, Kozan II1859-1940Vase, red glaze, yohen type1926porcelain
redSATO, Satoshi1936-Sake bottles in the shape of kiseru (oriental pipe), and cups2000stoneware
redTOMIMOTO, Kenkichi1886-1963Sake cups, each with a different pattern, overglaze enamels and gold1951porcelain
redIWATA, Toshichi1893-1980A Thing That Walks on Three Legs1971glass, blowing
redPEISER, Mark1938-Summer Solstice1989glass, casting
redAKAJI, Yusai1906-1984Covered food box, magewa, painted in cinnabar lacquer1962lacquer, magewa
redAKAJI, Yusai1906-1984Octagonal tea caddy, cinnabar lacquer on harinuki1978lacquer, harinuki
redJapan Peasant Art InstitutePwder puff containerc.1922-39wood, lacquer
redKADO, Isaburo1940-2005Six tiers of boxes, magewa, cinnabar lacquer1991lacquer, magewa
redKURODA, Tatsuaki1904-1982Ornamental box, red lacquered, ridged designc.1957lacquer
redMASUMURA, Mashiki1910-1996Tray, striated pattern, black lacquer1960lacquer
redMASUMURA, Mashiki1910-1996Covered food box in the shape of plum blossom, kanshitsu1967lacquer, kanshitsu
redMATSUDA, Gonroku1896-1986Bowls, cherry blossom design, raden inlay1966lacquer, raden inlay
redOTOMARU, Kodo1898-1997Tea caddy, paulownia seed design, tsuishitsuc.1965lacquer, tsuishitsu
redOTOMARU, Kodo1898-1997Incense case, turtle design, tsuishitsuc.1970lacquer, tsuishitsu
redTAGUCHI, Yoshikuni1923-1998Ornamental box, ground-cherry design, maki-e1997lacquer, maki-e
redHIMI, Kodo1906-1975Box for tea utensils, sand-polished, Japanese larch1964wood (Japanese larch), joining
redKITAGAWA, Heiro1898-1988Nishiki type silk, bird, butterfly and flower scroll motifs1960silk, nishiki (brocade) type weaving
redKITAGAWA, Heiro1898-1988Nishiki type silk, gradation of colors1961silk, nishiki (brocade) type weaving
redKITAGAWA, Heiro1898-1988Nishiki type silk, gradation of colors1961silk, nishiki (brocade) type weaving
redMIYAZAKI, Yoshiro1922-Vermilion Forms1969cotton, wax resist dyeing
redTSUIKI, Noriko1952-Sash, “Scarlet Heart”, Kokura-type fabric, striped pattern2004cotton, weaving
redTAKAHAMA, Kanoko1911-1992Gym-fight1940paper, toso (paulownia sawdust paste), modeling
redTAKAMURA, Toyochika1890-1972Vase, “Cocoon”, bronze1964bronze, lost-wax casting
redTAKAMURA, Toyochika1890-1972Vase with horizontal stripes, bronze1965bronze, lost-wax casting
blueDAM, Wouter1957-Blue Sculpture2005stoneware
blueFUKAMI, Sueharu1947-The Sky No. 31990porcelain
blueHAMADA, Shoji1894-1978Square jar with faceted sides, cobalt-and-salt glaze1959stoneware
blueKAWASE, Chikushun1894-1983Jar, grapevine pattern, underglaze blue1955porcelain
blueKOIKE, Shoko1943-Blue Form1999stoneware
blueKONDO, Yuzo1902-1985Jar, rock design, underglaze blue1960porcelain
blueKUMAKURA, Junkichi1920-1985Jazz Vocal1980stoneware
blueKUSUBE, Yaichi1897-1984Vase, “New Life Blue”1967stoneware
blueLA-PIETRA, Ugo1938-Box, “Ballerina”1990earthenware
blueMATSUI, Kosei1927-2003Large jar, layer pattern, neriage1979stoneware
blueMIURA, Koheiji1933-2006Large bowl, “Fish” design1975stoneware
blueSHIMIZU, Uichi1926-2004Large bowl, celadon1973stoneware
blueSHIMIZU, Uichi1926-2004Tea bowl, temmoku style with yohen1966stoneware
blueUNO, Sango1902-1988Jar, cobalt blue glaze1956stoneware
blueISHII, Koji1946-1996Reef1992glass, blowing
blueMARIONI, Dante1964-Blue Trio1997glass, blowing
blueGOMI, Fumio1911-1980Indigo1951kimekomi
blueFUKUMOTO, Shihoko1945-Time Space 31993linen, indigo dyeing
blueHORI, Tomosaburo1924-Glen1966cotton, paste resist dyeing
blueKODA, Eisuke1902-1970Hakama (kimono trousers) cloth, Seigo-sendaihira type silkc.1963silk, weaving
blueMATSUEDA, Tetsuya1955-Kimono, Kurume-kasuri type cotton, “Universe”   *2008cotton, ikat
blueMIURA, Kageo1916-Blue Landscape1962cotton, wax resist dyeing
blueOGURA, Kensuke1897-1982Kimono, “River Sumida”, tie-dyeing on crepe silk1963silk, tie-dyeing
blueSERIZAWA, Keisuke1895-1984Kimono, “Tsuboya Potter Village”, stencil dyeing on cotton1960cotton, stencil dyeing
blueSHIMIZU, Kotaro1897-1988Yukata, bamboo design1965cotton, stencil dyeing
blueSHIMURA, Fukumi1924-Kimono, “Lapis Lazuli Blue”, tsumugi silk1976silk, weaving
blueTSUIKI, Noriko1952-Sash, “Watershed”, Kokura-type fabric, striped pattern2004cotton, weaving
blueITO, Moegi1942-Outcrop1983aluminum
blueD?CORCHEMONT, Francois1880-1971Decorative bowl, floral designc.1926glass, pate-de-verre
blueLALIQUE, Rene1860-1945Vase, cockerel and feather motifs1928glass, press glass
greenIMAIZUMI, Imaemon XII1897-1975Large octagonal dish, blue calico pattern on green ground, Nabeshima ware1974porcelain
greenITAYA, Hazan1872-1963Vase, incised peony design, celadon1925porcelain
greenKAMODA, Shoji1933-1983Bowl, gong design, ash glaze1966stoneware
greenKAMODA, Shoji1933-1983Painted jar1972stoneware
greenKATO, Hajime1900-1968Round box, gold leaves on overglaze yellowish-green enamel1958porcelain
greenKATO, Hajime1900-1968Ornamental jar, underglaze gold leaves on green enamel1963porcelain
greenKITAOJI, Rosanjin1883-1959Tea cups, phoenix design, gold leaves on overglaze yellowish-green enamelc.1939porcelain
greenKITAOJI, Rosanjin1883-1959Square bowl with cover, oribe warec.1940-45stoneware
greenMATSUI, Kosei1927-2003Large Jar, clear white neriage1989stoneware
greenOKABE, Mineo1919-1990Bowl, celadonc.1968stoneware
greenUNO, Soyo I1888-1973Flower vase, celadon, kinuta type1955porcelain
greenFUJITA, Kyohei1921-2004Ornamental box, “Tale of Taketori”1994glass, mold-blowing
greenFUNAKI, Shizuho1935-Large bowl, coil design1996glass
greenIEZUMI, Toshio1954-P.0509012001laminated glass, cutting
greenIKUTA, Niyoko1953-Swing1992laminated glass
greenTAKAHASHI, Yoshihiko1958-Melting   *2010glass, hotwork, fuming
greenVIZNER, Frantisek1936-Cut Vase1981glass, casting
greenVIZNER, Frantisek1936-Cut Bowl1981glass, casting
greenAKAJI, Yusai1906-1984Covered octagonal food box, painted in gold lacquer over green lacquer1979lacquer
greenKURODA, Tatsuaki1904-1982Ornamental box, yogai raden inlay1974lacquer, kanshitsu, raden inlay
greenSHIMURA, Fukumi1924-Kimono, “Bell-ring Cricket”, tsumugi silk1959silk, weaving
greenTAKAHAMA, Kanoko1911-1992Playing in a Dream1982paper, toso (paulownia sawdust paste), modeling
greenKATORI, Masahiko1899-1988Vase with squared sides with diamond motifs, bronze1963bronze, casting
greenNOBUTA, Yo1902-1990Incense burner with flower-shaped lid handle, celadon1940bronze, celadon
greenSASAKI, Shodo1882-1961Ornament, “Three Birds”, bronze, lost-wax casting1960bronze, lost-wax casting
greenTAKAMURA, Toyochika1890-1972Tripod cauldron1955bronze, casting
greenDUNAND, Jean1877-1942Spherical vase in green and black1925copper alloy, colored lacquer, hammering
greenDRESSER, Christopher1834-1904Vase with propeller body of pale green tintc.1890glass
yellowARAKAWA, Toyozo1894-1985Flower vase, bamboo design, kizeto type1960stoneware
yellowISHIGURO, Munemaro1893-1968Jar, reddish brown glaze1955stoneware
yellowISHIGURO, Munemaro1893-1968Jar, dog pattern, yellow glazesc.1959stoneware
yellowITAKA, Kizan II1927-Jar, design of a pair of dragons, yellow glaze porcelain1987porcelain
yellowKATSUMATA, Chieko1950-Untitled1997stoneware
yellowKIYOMIZU, Hiroshi (Rokubei VII)1922-2006Vase, “Layers”1957stoneware
yellowLEACH, Bernard1887-1979Large dish, octopus design1925stoneware
yellowONO, Hakuko1915-1996Vase, underglaze gold leaves1971porcelain
yellowSHIGEMATSU, Ayumi1958-Parasite1998stoneware
yellowSHIMIZU, Uichi1926-2004Large jar, yellow touch decoration in reddish blown glaze1962stoneware
yellowFUJITA, Kyohei1921-2004Decorative casket, “Longevity”1984glass, mold-blowing
yellowFUJITA, Kyohei1921-2004Ornamental box, “Auspicious Cloud”1997glass, mold-blowing
yellowTSUJI, Seimei1927-2008Glass bowl in the shape of turnip1991glass, blowing
yellowNAKAMURA, Tomie1925-1993Tray, colored lacquer1955lacquer
yellowKIMURA, Uzan1891-1977Kimono, furisode (broad sleeve) type, “Aoi (hollyhocks)”, yuzen dyeing on crepe silk1971silk, yuzen dyeing
yellowKOGA, Fumi1927-Sash, “Morning Breeze”, Saga-nishiki type weave1978Saga-nishiki (paper warp with silk weft) weaving
yellowKOGA, Fumi1927-Sash, “Hateruma”, Saga-nishiki type weave1989Saga-nishiki (paper warp with silk weft) weaving
yellowMAESHIRO, Okishige1955-Kimono fabric, “Light”, kasuri pattern   *2007silk, weaving
yellowMORIGUCHI, Kako1909-2008Kimono, “Chrysanthemums”, yuzen dyeing on crepe silk1970silk, yuzen dyeing
yellowSUZUTA, Teruji1916-1981Kimono, biyo-yanagi pattern, wood-block printing and stencil dyeing on silk1981silk, wood-block printing, stencil dyeing
yellowTSUCHIYA, Yoshinori1954-Patterned plain gauze, “Moonlight”2001silk, patterned plain gauze type weaving
yellowOBAYASHI, Sono1910-1971Daytime Moon over Nishi-Ginza1962toso (paulownia sawdust paste), modeling
yellowMASUDA, Mitsuo1909-2009Gilded Box, Motif of Fox under moonlight1964brass, wood, gilding
yellowYAMAWAKI, Yoji1907-1982Ornament in the shape of a bird1956copper, gilding
yellowDRESSER, Christopher1834-1904Small vase of yellow tintc.1890glass
black&whiteARAKAWA, Toyozo1894-1985Water container, shino type1958stoneware
black&whiteCOPER, Hans1920-1981Spade Formc.1970stoneware
black&whiteFUJIHIRA, Shin1922-Armored Urn1971stoneware
black&whiteHAYASHI, Hideyuki1937-Chatter’s Mask1982porcelain
black&whiteISHIGURO, Munemaro1893-1968Jar, bird pattern, black and brown glazes1958stoneware
black&whiteISHIGURO, Munemaro1893-1968Incense case, chatter marksc.1940-45stoneware
black&whiteISHIGURO, Munemaro1893-1968Tea bowl, chatter marksc.1940-45stoneware
black&whiteISHIGURO, Munemaro1893-1968Tea bowl, black bird designc.1950-59stoneware
black&whiteISHIGURO, Munemaro1893-1968Jar, fish design on white groundc.1940-41stoneware
black&whiteKAWASAKI, Tsuyoshi1942-I-5 City2009stoneware
black&whiteKOIKE, Shoko1943-Shell Vessel1997stoneware
black&whiteMANZ, Bodil1943-Cylinder No.52003porcelain
black&whiteMANZ, Bodil1943-Cylinder No.52004porcelain
black&whiteMATSUI, Kosei1927-2003Bowl, striped pattern, neriage1972stoneware
black&whiteMIWA, Jusetsu (Kyusetsu XI)1910-Tea bowl, Hagi ware, onihagi type1989stoneware
black&whiteNAGASAWA, Eishin I1861-1919Vase, basket design with flowers and birds in relief, white porcelain   *c.1877porcelain
black&whiteOGAWA, Yuhei1885-1945Ceramic ornament : black panther1933stoneware
black&whiteSUZUKI, Osamu1926-2001Vase, white glaze   *1958stoneware
black&whiteTAMURA, Koichi1918-1987Jar, bird design, gold on black glaze1970stoneware
black&whiteTOMIMOTO, Kenkichi1886-1963Lidded octagonal pot, white porcelain1932porcelain
black&whiteTSUKAMOTO, Kaiji1912-1990Cup, white porcelain1975porcelain
black&whiteYAGI, Kazuo1918-1979Black Pottery, Figure1973earthenware (black pottery)
black&whiteYANAGIHARA, Mutsuo1934-Vessel putting out the tongue, black oribe type1997stoneware
black&whiteLALIQUE, Ren?1860-1945Vase, Ceylon   *1924glass
black&whiteKOFUSHIWAKI, Tsukasa1961-Leaf Boat 98-011998lacquer, plaster, kanshitsu
black&whiteMATSUDA, Gonroku1896-1986Ornamental box, heron design, maki-e1961lacquer, maki-e, rankaku
black&whiteSAJI, Tadashi1914-1999Two-fold screen, “Urban City”1960lacquer, colored lacquer, raden
black&whiteSAWAGUCHI, Shigeru1925-1997Bowls, chopsticks and kai (spoon), black lacquer1987lacquer
black&whiteISA, Toshihiko1924-2010Kimono, Impression of “Les tierces alternees” in Debussy’s Preludes1985silk, stencil dyeing
black&whiteISA, Toshihiko1924-2010Il vecchio casello, Images from Modest Moussourgsky’s Tableaux d’une exposition1972paper, stencil dyeing
black&whiteISA, Toshihiko1924-2010Ballet des poussins dans leurs coques, Images from Modest Moussourgsky’s Tableaux d’une exposition1972paper, stencil dyeing
black&whiteISA, Toshihiko1924-2010La cabane sur des pattes de poule, Images from Modest Moussourgsky’s Tableaux d’une exposition1972paper, stencil dyeing
black&whiteISA, Toshihiko1924-2010La grande porte de Kiev, Images from Modest Moussourgsky’s Tableaux d’une exposition1972paper, stencil dyeing
black&whiteISA, Toshihiko1924-2010Gnomus, Images from Modest Moussourgsky’s Tableaux d’une exposition1981silk, stencil dyeing
black&whiteISA, Toshihiko1924-2010Tuileries, Images from Modest Moussourgsky’s Tableaux d’une exposition1981silk, stencil dyeing
black&whiteUEHARA, Michiko1949-White Fablic, Rising Steam Pattern2004silk, weaving
black&whiteMENYA, Shoho1947-Prayer Dance   *2008wood, toso (paulownia saudest paste), gofun (powdered shell), cloth, costumed
black&whiteNOGUCHI, Mitsuhiko1896-1977Boyhood: Lord Romping in the Rain1964paulownia, gofun (powdered shell), carving, polished
black&whiteNOGUCHI, Mitsuhiko1896-1977Child Holding a Bellc.1950paulownia, gofun (powdered shell), carving, polished
black&whiteVANKE, Silvia1952-Lady No. 142003paper clay
black&whiteOCHI, Kenzo1929-1981Black Vase1958iron, hammering
black&whiteUGAJIN, Yonezo1936-2004Vessel of forged copper, “Tree”1996copper, silver
black&whiteKOMATSU, Makoto1943-CERATIUM vases1999porcelain

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